Will EA Sports Release FIFA 24?

As we approach that familiar time of the year, a new football season is starting its cycle once again and many football fans will want to enjoy it on the virtual pitch.

Every year since 1993, EA Sports has produced a football game under the FIFA title.

A lot of talk has thrown the future of the FIFA series in doubt, particularly for this year.

So what’s happening with EA Sports and FIFA 24? Who will release FIFA 24?

Will EA Sports Release FIFA 24?

The answer isn’t as straightforward as ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, because technically it’s both answers.

No, EA Sports will not be releasing FIFA 24 this year.

However, they are producing a new football game that is essentially FIFA 24, just with a title change.

The new game is called ‘EA Sports FC‘ as EA breaks away from the FIFA branding (probably to have more control over their games and pay less fees).

So the game will still continue to play and feel like the game you know and love, just with a name change.

We’ll likely get confirmation as we remember it and put us at ease when the Closed Beta launches.

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