Why Is There Confetti In Pokemon GO Today?

Confetti is always a time to celebrate and it’s no different in Pokemon GO – you may be wondering why it’s appearing in the game today.

A new Season is approaching in Pokemon GO – Season 11 is called ‘Hidden Gems‘. As a result, Niantic is keeping the hype going with lots of new content and action.

So why is there Confetti in Pokemon GO Today?

Why Is There Confetti In Pokemon GO Today?

Usually, Pokemon GO introduces Confetti into the game to celebrate a major event; such as Pokemon GO Fest.

Today, it’s to celebrate the ‘Olf Friends, New Beginnings‘ mini event that is running in the game.

This event has Timed Research, giving players the chance to obtain candies and mega energy of the original three Kanto starters.

This mini event will last for one month.

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