Who Is Making MW3 Zombies?

The 2023 release of Modern Warfare 3 is hotting up to be one of the games of the year as it’s set to arrive later this year.

It seems this year, Zombies is making a comeback for Modern Warfare 3.

The Zombies has been part of Call of Duty since its debut back in 2008’s Call of Duty: World at War.

Treyarch has mainly been at the helm of the Zombies’ journey, with Sledgehammer Games and Infinity Ward occasionally including their own spin on the mode.

Who is going to make the Zombies mode in Modern Warfare 3?

Who Is Making MW3 Zombies?

It’s very likely that Sledgehammer Games are working on the Zombies mode, whatever that may look like.

It seems Modern Warfare 3 will have Zombies, but instead of being a classic Zombies experience, it will be more similar to the Outbreak mode that debuted in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, according to Insider Gaming.

Outbreak was a large-scale Zombies experience that included many of the Fireteam and Combined Arms maps as the playground for the action.

It was also revealed in the past that Modern Warfare (2019) was working on a Zombies mode, which included some concept art. It was later scrapped; it could be this is used to help finish the Zombies mode; meaning some of the Infinity Ward team would also be helping with it.

Sledgehammer Games are no strangers to the Zombies mode – all three of their titles that they have produced have featured a Zombies experience in Advanced Warfare, WWII and Vanguard.

With Treyarch working on the 2024 Call of Duty release, they’re likely focusing on their own Zombies mode.

The setting for the future Call of Duty title was leaked by an actor claiming to be the main character for the game.

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