Which Ship Is The Best For Combat In Starfield?

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Starfield allows players to buy ship parts to customise it the way they want, but there are some ships that are simply better than the rest – so which ship is the best for Combat in Starfield?

Starfield has a number of exciting ships ranging in size, shape and features.

With everyone having their own preferences on what makes a good ship, you may be wondering which ship has the best weapons.

Here’s the ship that you should be taking out for a spin when you’re in a fight.

Which Ship Is The Best For Combat In Starfield?

The Abyss Trekker is the ultimate end-game fighter ship because it has the strongest weapons.

Its big and bulky frame allows for an immense amount of firepower while also featuring good defensive stats.

Although it costs a staggering 365,525 credits, it has incredible firepower.

Here are its stats below:

  • Fuel – 950
  • Hull – 1031
  • Cargo – 340
  • Crew – 6
  • Shield – 850

It also utilised a 25 LY jump range but has a rather small amount of cargo space., meaning it’s for blowing stuff up rather than transporting things around.

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The Marauder 115N Railgun Turret can eliminate enemies quickly by reducing an opponent’s Hull and Shields.

It’s relatively durable too, while its shields aren’t fantastic, the Hull has outstanding defensive properties.

When combined with the shields and devastating damage, it would be difficult to withstand a fight with this ship

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Ultimately, this ship will trounce most competition and when fully upgraded is virtually unstoppable.

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