Where Are All The Gnomes In Fortnite? (All 10 Gnome Locations In Fortnite OG)

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Fortnite’s Chapter 4 Season 5 has brought back a classic activity in Fortnite OG – collecting Gnomes. Players can find Gnomes around the map and gain 200,000 XP in just 30 minutes; so where are all the gnomes in Fortnite?

Across the map 10 Gnomes are hidden for players to find, some are very easy to find during natural gameplay. While others may need a bit more assistance to find.

Here’s where to find all 10 Gnomes in Fortnite.

All 10 Gnome Locations In Fortnite OG

Here’s a full map of their locations and more specific locations below:

all gnomes locations fortnite og

#1 Shifty Shafts Outskirts

The first Gnome is found buried in the ground on a hill, to the South-East of Shifty Shafts, next to a broken down bus.


#2 Shifty Shafts Mine

The second one is located inside the Shifty Shafts mine. Cut down the wall in the north-west corner of the Shifty Shafts mines and you’ll find a Gnome sat at a table.

#3 Greasy Grove Statue

Head to the statue on the hill to the North-East of Greasy Grove.

#4 Pleasant Park Camp Site

Drop at Pleasant Park and head South of the POI and you will see a small campsite with a Gnome.

#5 Wailing Woods Cage

Drop into the south-west corner of the Wailing Woods Maze and free the Gnome from the cage.

#6 Paradise Palm Map Edge

Fly east of Paradise Palms to the very edge of the map and you’ll spot the Gnome standing next to two gravestones.

#7 Junk Junction Llama

Locate the Llama on the hill to the north-west of Junk Junction.

#8 Risky Reels Caravan

Go behind the caravan in the north-west corner of Risky Reels.

#9 Lonely Lodge Pond

Swim up to the north part of the pond at Lonely Lodge.

#10 Dusty Divot Water

Wade into the water to the north of Dusty Divot.

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