What Is The Budget For GTA 6?

GTA 6 could be one of the most expensive games in video game history.

While we are still waiting for an update on when GTA 6 will release, we can anticipate how truly awesome the game will be by looking at its budget.

While money is still pouring in for the latest updates to GTA Online money is going into its next instalment.

The recent GTA Trilogy remake is also making plenty of money.

So what is the budget for GTA 6?

What Is The Budget For GTA 6?

GTA 6 could be set to be the biggest budget of any gaming release in history.

On Twitter, a prominent gaming personality ‘Rino’ mentioned that the next GTA is rumoured to have a budget of $2 billion.

That would ultimately make the title surpass every entertainment product (including movies, songs, video games, concerts) in terms of the cost of production.

It’s also 10 times more than the GTA V budget and 4 times more than the Red Dead Redemption 2 budget.


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