What Is The Best Aim Assist Type In MW3?

mw3 best aim assist type

Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer has Call of Duty players flocking to it – many controller players are looking to find out what the best aim assist type in MW3 is.

Having the best Controller Settings can make all the difference in MW3 and something you should spend some time to figure out which is the best for you.

There are a number of settings in the game that you’ll need to tweak to get the best out of your weapons in multiplayer.

So which Aim Assist Type should you use in this year’s game?

Best Aim Assist Type In MW3

In Modern Warfare 3, there are four Aim Assist types to choose from.

  • Default: Traditional aim slowdown near target used in Modern Warfare games.
  • Precision: Strong aim slowdown that only kicks in when aiming closer to the target. Recommended for accurate players.
  • Focusing: Strong aim slowdown that also kicks in when narrowly missing the target. Recommended for players new to analog aiming.
  • Black Ops: Traditional aim slowdown near target used in Black Ops games

These options aren’t new, other than the Black Ops option. It confirms what a lot of us knew and that’s that the games used different Aim Assist Types (or at least they are tweaked differently).

So with four options, which is the best for you?

MW3 Best Controller Settings For Improving Your Aim

If you’ve never been too bothered by the aim assist type in the game, the standard one will suit you and if you played a lot of MW2 this is probably the easiest to adopt.

Precision and Focusing sound like good solutions for experienced and new players, but in my experience tend to sound better than they are.

I would recommend giving them a try to get an idea of how they work and will certainly help you compare to other aim assist types, but in my opinion have never been overly helpful.

The Black Ops Aim Assist type is the newest option and for me, the most effective.

Black Ops has been known for its strong aim assist in the past and that’s why it’s one of the most satisfying games for gunplay.

It’s the most comfortable aim-assist type as it’s not as far removed from the standard MW3 aim-assist, but is a bit more forgiving.

You’ll also want to consider your Aim Responsive Curves.

  • Standard: Simple power curve map from aim stick to aim rate
  • Linear: Aim stick maps directly to aim rate
  • Dynamic: Reverse S-curve mapping for fine aim rate control

With this, I find Linear to be the best due to its consistency between aim stick and aim rate.

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