What Are The Pokemon Sleep Shiny Odds?

Pokemon Sleep has arrived to allow aspiring Pokemon Masters the chance to do what they love most, even when they sleep!

Occasionally, you may see a shiny Pokemon appear when you wake up; which is extremely exciting.

These rare occurrences can be frustrating to wait for, especially when you’re unaware of how frequently they pop up.

So what are the odds of a Shiny Pokemon appearing in Pokemon Sleep?

What Are The Pokemon Sleep Shiny Odds?

Shiny Pokemon are possible in Pokemon Sleep, with Shiny Pokemon odds coming in at 1 in 450.

Players have already confirmed their existence and seem to be obtaining them faster than Pokemon GO.

There is no trick to increasing your chances of obtaining a shiny Pokemon, much like in Pokemon GO; they are truly random.

However, there are some easy tips to increase the likelihood of shiny Pokemon appearing.

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