Valorant x Star Wars Collaboration Isn’t Real, But It Looks So Good!

Star Wars x Valorant – sounds like an incredible idea right?

Collaborations between video games and pop culture aren’t a surprise these days, particularly with games like Fortnite doing it on an almost weekly basis.

That’s why the thought of Valorant introducing a cool skin collaboration with Star Wars is all the more exciting.

Well in a recent video, that idea has come to reality and it looks insane!

Star Wars x Valorant

Fans are going wild for a recent fan-made trailer, revealing a Star Wars and Valorant crossover.

Weaponry, particularly guns, is something we see in Star Wars quite often amongst regular soldiers; so fitting some gun skins with a Star Wars theme is easy (and looks great).

But for those that wield the force, nothing is sweeter than a Lightsaber, taking the place of your knife.

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