Valorant Episode 7 Act 1 ‘Evolution’ Patch Notes: Release Date, Battle Pass, New Agent Deadlock, New Maps, Weapon Changes, Team Deathmatch And Everything You Need To Know

Valorant’s seventh Episode is almost here, arriving three years after its release.

Riot’s tactical FPS game is growing in popularity as time goes on with its regular updates, fast-paced action and its new content release strategy.

In Episode 7, players can be excited to see a new Agent joins the roster called ‘Deadlock’ and a new mode called ‘Team Deathmatch‘.

Here’s everything we know about Valorant’s Episode 7.

Valorant Episode 7 Release Date

Valorant’s next Episode will release on the 27th of June 2023, starting off with Act 1.

This is due to the fact that the Battle Pass for the current Act will end on the 26th of June.

Battle Pass

Here are the Battle Pass items thanks to @ValorLeaks.

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Progression Changes

  • Daily Missions are being reworked. Diamonds are being introduced as a new mission system.
  • Each diamond will have 4 Checkpoints and there will be 4 total diamonds. Complete Checkpoints to earn XP & Credits.
  • The accessory Store will be unique to each player.
  • Kingdom Credits will cap out at 10k

New Agent Deadlock

The new agent ‘Deadlock’ will be our new agent for this upcoming season.

Deadlock Abilities

  • Sonic Sensor (Q)
    • Equip a Sonic Sensor. Fire to deploy. The sensor monitors an area for enemies making sounds. It concusses that area if footsteps, weapons fire, or significant noise are detected.
  • GravNet (C)
    • Equip a GravNet grenade. Fire to throw or Alt Fire to lob the grenade underhand. The GravNet detonates upon landing, forcing any enemies caught within to crouch and move slowly.
  • Barrier Mesh (E):
    • Equipping a Barrier Mesh disc, Deadlock can throw it forward. On landing, it generates barriers that block character movement. This ability can be used strategically to block off key pathways or protect teammates from enemy fire, adding an element of defensive utility to Deadlock’s kit.
  • Annihilation (X)
    • Deadlock’s ultimate ability is the Nanowire Accelerator. By firing it, she unleashes a pulse of nanowires that captures the first enemy contacted. They are then pulled along a path and will die if they reach the end, unless they are freed.

Team Deathmatch

Anna Donlon, Valorant’s Executive Producer, confirmed some time ago that Valorant’s version of Team Deathmatch was in the works.

Recently, the team divulged more information on this mode on YouTube, confirming it will arrive at the launch of Episode 7.

What’s great about this mode is that it will have its own maps, built specifically for Team Deathmatch.

Game Director Andy Ho described it as a “fast-paced mode featuring tactical gunplay with weapons across the arsenal, agents and their abilities and new maps built specifically for the mode.”


  • First to 100 Kills
  • Respawn every 1.5s
  • 4 Different Stages, Weapon load outs changes with each stage.
  • Weapon Spawners, Orbs, Recovery Orbs, Ultimates Orbs and more.
  • Abilities will refresh after each cooldown.
  • 1K XP per match


Patch Notes

Here’s an overview of what we can expect in the Patch Notes for Episode 7 of Valorant:

  • New Battle Pass
  • New Mode: Team Deathmatch
  • New Agent
  • Progression changes including new ways to unlock previous Battle Pass items
  • New ways to unlock Agents and their contracts

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