Teal Mask Trade Evolution Trade Codes (Pokemon Scarlet And Violet)

teal mask exclusive trade codes pokemon scarlet and violet

The Teal Mask has launched as the first part of the Scarlet and Violet DLC ‘Hidden Treasures of Area Zero’ and brings many new and returning Pokemon. As is tradition with Pokemon games some evolutions of Pokemon can only be obtained through trade, so you may be interested in the Teal Mask Trade Evolution Trade Codes.

To complete the new Pokedex, you’ll need to trade Pokemon with other trainers in order to obtain the final evolution of certain Pokemon.

Here are all the Teal Mask Evolution Trade Codes for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

How Do Trade Codes Work?

A trade code is an eight-digit code assigned to a specific Pokémon or pair of Pokémon when doing a Link Trade.

The idea is to get multiple players to input the same codes so they can Link Trade with other players who have the specific Pokémon they’re looking for.

For example, if a player wants to trade their Turtwig for a Chimchar, they’ll enter the code listed below.

If another player happens to be searching for the same trade at the same time, those players will link up and be able to trade the Sinnoh Starters.

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Teal Mask Trade Evolution Trade Codes

Here are the trade codes for the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Trade Evolution Pokemon:

  • Graveler: 0075-0075
  • Haunter: 0093-0093
  • Gurdurr: 0533-0533
  • Phantump: 0708-0708
  • Poliwhirl (holding King’s Rock): 0061-0061
  • Feebas (holding Prism Scale): 0349-0349
  • Dusclops (holding Reaper Cloth): 0356-0356

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So in this scenario, catch a Graveler, then enter this trade code. You’ll match up with another trainer that is also trading a Graveler and upon trading that will trigger the evolution of the Pokemon; meaning your new Graveler will now evolve into Golem.

The same is done for the other Pokemon in the list.

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