Strongest Ship In Starfield (What Is The Strongest Ship In Starfield With The Best Defence/Shields)

starfield best ship

Starfield allows players to buy ship parts to customise it the way they want, but there are some ships that are simply better than the rest – so which is the strongest?

Starfield has a number of exciting ships ranging in size, shape and features.

With everyone having their own preferences on what makes a good ship, you may be wondering what’s the best defensively.

Here’s the strongest ship in Starfield.

What Is The Strongest Ship In Starfield

The Vista is the strongest ship you will find in Starfield.

It’s a huge ship, so it’s no surprise to see it end up being one of the strongest.

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If you can somehow penetrate its 2160 shields, you’ll have to deal with its 1336 hull.

It’s therefore an excellent ship for transporting sensitive cargo in its 3936-sized cargo space.

It doesn’t fair too badly in battles because of its sheer tankiness.

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But it will cost you a pretty penny, setting you back 330,000 credits at Ship Services in Neon.

You can take it a step further, by purchasing upgrades to modify the performance of the ship for travelling and battles to get over some of its weaknesses.

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