Starfield: How To Set Course, Travel To And Land On Planets

how to travel to kreet in starfield

Starfield has launched, Bethesda’s latest action RPG and to explore the cosmos, you’ll need to learn to set course and travel to planets.

This is something you need to learn early in the game as part of the ‘One Small Step’ mission, once you’ve defeated the Pirate ships, you’ll need to fly to Kreet to continue the mission. 

But you may be stuck and confused about how to do that, which can be a pain if you want to explore and meet new companions.

Here’s how to get to set course and explore new planets in Starfield

How To Set Course And Travel To Planets In Starfield

Unfortunately, the instructions for this are not super clear.

If you’re stuck floating in space unable to navigate where you need to go, this guide’s for you.

You’ll need to press X to Open the Planet Map.

starfield kreet

When the map opens, you’ll need to press the button on your controller that opens the ‘Missions’ menu; which is indicated in the bottom right of your screen

starfield kreet

Once opened, you’ll see the ‘One Small Step’ mission.

Click to expand and you’ll see the objective ‘Travel to Kreet’.

Next, press the X button which will Set Course to this location.

starfield missions menu

Once done, the World map will open up again and ask you if you would like to ‘Set course to Kreet?’.

Press A to confirm and your view will expand to the entire world map.

set course starfield

The final step is to confirm once more that you want to travel there.

Press and hold the X button, which will start a small cutscene and once finished you will have reached Kreet.

When you explore new areas, you’ll be able to set course to other destinations in a similar way.

Once you arrive at the orbit of the planet, you’ll need to scroll around the planet and scan it with LB.

Then, put a landing point on the planet with A. Once done, hold X to land on the planet.

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