How To Find Your Outpost In Starfield

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Starfield has arrived, Bethesda’s latest action RPG, allowing you to build your own Outpost, but you may have gone off to explore the galaxy and forgotten where you build your outpost; so it would be helpful to know how to find your Outpost in Starfield

Outposts are great places for you to make base camp and store your loot, as well as provide a focal point for your activities.

You can build more than one and with such a vast universe to explore, you may forget where you put it.

Here’s how to find your Outpost in Starfield

How To Find Your Outpost In Starfield

Firstly, you’re going to want to open the world map and expand as far as you can.

When you can see all available Galaxies, you should be able to spot a little house/bunker symbol above the galaxy itself.

In the example below, it is located in Sol and Narion.

how to find your outpost starfield

From there, you simply want to follow the trail of house/bunker symbols, navigating closer and closer until you are given an option to fast travel to that destination.

Unfortunately, if you’ve made a few Outposts in the game and can’t remember which is which, it’s not possible to define which specific one you are after as there is no preview.

You’ll simply have to visit them all until you find the Outpost you want.

It’s advised to explore all your Outposts and take note of where they are and what is in them yourself to ensure you don’t have to cycle through them all at a later date.

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starfield find your outpost

It could be made much easier to find your Outpost. Perhaps Bethesda will improve this in a future update by providing a list of Outposts you own, where they are and even provide a quick and simple way to fast travel there. Especially given how tedious it can be to navigate the menus at times.

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