Starfield: How To Change Your Appearance And Name, Where To Find Enhance Stores And All Enhance Store Locations

starfield change appearance

Starfield, like many other Bethesda action RPG games, allows players to customise their character’s appearance and even change their appearance later on.

Some take meticulous care in how their character will look, while others may just stick with whatever first pops up.

Either way, you may want to change your appearance later in the game, which can be difficult if you don’t know where to do it; so where should you set course to do so?

Here’s how you can change your appearance in Starfield.

How To Change Your Appearance In Starfield

In Starfield, you can change your appearance as many times as you like.

These can be done by finding and locating Enhance stores. So if you ever do get bored with your look, you can do this with ease.

But, it does cost 500 credits to do; so be careful how many times you do it.

Fortunately, the cost does not increase the more times you do it.

How To Find Enhance Stores In Starfield

Enhance stores tend to be in the shopping districts of major cities.

These can be found with relative ease as they are clean, white looking clinics with pictures inside that say ‘Enhance’.

starfield how to change appearance

In total, there are four Enhance stores:

  • New Atlantis
  • Cydonia
  • Neon
  • Paradiso

New Atlantis Enhance Store Location

Located in the Commercial District of the city, it’s almost exactly on top of the fast travel point for the Commercial District; you can find it to the right of the plaza where Terrabrew Coffee is.

You’re looking for a small storefront with an open design. Look for the giant sign that says “OUTLAND”, this isn’t it, but it is next to it (it strangely doesn’t have a sign outside).

Cydonia Enhance Store Location

Cydonia is a small settlement on Mars in the Sol system. Head past the bar, head left once you reach the stairs that overlook the mining operations and you’ll see the Enhance store.

It has a slightly different sign, so look out for a plain white sign.

Neon Enhance Store Location

Located at the Neon Core, just a short walk from the elevator that brings you down from the Spaceport, you should see the Enhance sign quite clearly with multiple faces in an array of colours on a neon board.

Paradiso Enhance Store Location

When visiting the Poriima, land on Poriima 2 and follow the main path toward the Paradiso resort and you’ll see a blue pod building with a sign that has the word ‘Enhance’ above.

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