Starfield: All Companions And Crew Mates

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Starfield, like all Bethesda action RPG games, allows you to partner up with all companions and crew mates.

These companions can provide extra assistance when roaming in space and are good company to have, particularly if you dock your ship at an unknown location.

Here are all of the Companions and Crew Mates in Starfield.

All Companions In Starfield

Here are all of the companions in Starfield.


  • Recruitment mission: The Old Neighborhood
  • Skills: Astrodynamics 4, Lasers 3, Leadership 2, and Botany 1
  • Tip: Sarah is the headstrong leader of Constellation’s operations in the system. She prefers a clear-cut diplomatic approach to most situations.


  • Recruitment mission: Back to Vectera
  • Skills: Starship Engineering 4, Particle Beam Weapon Systems 3, Robotics 2, Gastronomy 1
  • Tip: You meet Barrett very early in the campaign, though he won’t become a Starfield companion until you finish the Back to Vectera mission.

Sam Coe

  • Recruitment mission: The Empty Nest
  • Skills: Piloting 4, Rifle Certification 3, Payloads 2, and Geology 1
  • Tip: Sam is the scion of the Coe family, founders of Akila City, though he has a strained relationship with his father. He joins up during The Empty Nest, along with his daughter.


  • Recruitment mission: Into the Unknown
  • Skills: Stealth 4, Particle Beams 3, Energy Weapon Systems 2, and Theft 1
  • Tip: Andreja is likely the last full-fledged Starfield companion that becomes part of your group during the campaign. You’ll stumble upon her as you look for an artifact inside a cavern.

All Crew Mates In Starfield


  • Recruitment mission: One Small Step
  • Skills: Aneutronic Fusion 1, Shield Systems 2, and EM Weapon Systems 1
  • Tip: Vasco joins you early in the game. Once you arrive at The Lodge in New Atlantis and join Constellation, you can have him as an active follower.

Adoring Fan

  • Recruitment trait: Hero Worshiped
  • Skills: Scavenging 1, Concealment 1, and Weightlifting 2
  • Tip: The Adoring Fan shows up if you selected the Hero Worshiped trait during character creation. He can pop up anytime while you’re exploring New Atlantis.


  • Recruitment location: Viewport Bar in New Atlantis
  • Skills: Shotgun Certification 1, Ballistics 2, and Particle Beam Weapon Systems 1
  • Tip: Marika is chilling in Viewport Bar, which is near the Spaceport area.


  • Recruitment location: Viewport Bar in New Atlantis
  • Skills: Sharpshooting 1, Sniper Certification 2, and Marksmanship 1
  • Tip: Found in the same establishment as Marika.


  • Recruitment location: Viewport Bar in New Atlantis
  • Skills: Ballistic Weapon Systems 2 and Missile Weapon Systems 2
  • Tip: Found in the same establishment as Marika.


  • Recruitment mission: Back to Vectera
  • Skills: Demolitions 1 and Outpost Management 3
  • Tip: Upon returning to Vectera, you can convince Lin to join your group. However, we did encounter a bug much later in the game where Lin and another crew member disappeared. We had assigned them both to an outpost and, upon switching to another home ship, they simply vanished.


  • Recruitment mission: Back to Vectera
  • Skills: Geology 1 and Outpost Engineering 3
  • Tip: You’ll meet up with Heller once more during Back to Vectera, and you can have him become part of your group. Unfortunately, Heller is the other “bugged” companion, as we lost him and Lin during the campaign.


  • Recruitment location: Akila City bar
  • Skills: Medicine 1 and Wellness 3
  • Tip: Rosie is a doctor, and you can have her aboard if you pay her fee. This can be reduced via a Persuasion check.


  • Recruitment location: Akila City bar
  • Skills: Shield Systems 3 and Starship Engineering 1
  • Tip: Just like Rosie, Omari is chilling in the same bar in Akila City. He, too, can be persuaded to lower his recruitment fee.


  • Recruitment location: Neon bar
  • Skills: Gastronomy 1, Wellness 2, and Incapacitation 1
  • Tip: Mickey is, apparently, a well-renowned chef, which we found a bit odd since he only has a rank 1 Gastronomy skill. It’s up to you if you want to recruit him, though you need to give him a payment upfront.


  • Recruitment mission: Entangled
  • Skills: Outpost Engineering 1, Starship Engineering 2, and Outpost Management 1
  • Tip: You’ll meet Rafael much later in the campaign, specifically once you’re doing the Entangled mission. If you decide to save him at the end of that quest, you’ll be able to recruit him as a crewmate.

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