Spider-Man 2: How To Find All 42 Spider-Bots (Spider-Bot Locations)

Getting XP and Tech Parts are essential items for upgrading Peter and Miles and a great way to do that is by locating Spider-Bots. So naturally, many players are wondering how to find Spider-Bots in Spider-Man 2.

Spider-Bots are incredibly difficult to find in Spider-Man 2 and can be a bit of a pot-luck to find them while swinging around town during the night or even the day.

Here’s how to find all 42 spider-bots in Spider-Man 2.

How To Find Spider-Bots In Spider-Man 2

Spider-Bots aren’t easy to find because they don’t appear on the map as a visible icon, even though they have a toggleable option in the map Legend.

But there are some ways to identify a Spider-Bot’s location that make them a bit more manageable to find.

Firstly, Spider-Bots emit a rainbow-like pulse every 4 seconds when you’re near one, with an accompanying sound. But, you will need to be within 160 meters of them to see and hear them.

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What also makes them easier to find is that none of them are located on the ground, so you won’t need to scan the busy streets of New York to find them.

Not only that, but they tend to be on or near landmarks and other points of interest, so you should check these places first.

If you’re struggling, use the District Progress window on the map screen to check where you’re missing Spider-Bots.

Be sure to use this map to help you locate all 42 Spider-Bots in the game – remember to use the tips above to help you find them faster!

all 42 spider-bot locations in spider-man 2

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