Pokemon Type Chart (Scarlet And Violet, Pokemon GO, Pokemon TCG)

Pokemon battles are all about type matchups and being able to exploit a Pokemon’s weakness.

Pokemon-type matchups are important to know, but with so many different ones, it can be hard to remember when you need it.

So here are all of the type charts for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Pokemon GO and Pokemon TCG.

Pokemon Type Charts

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Scarlet and Violet as well as previous console game variations operate on a double or half-damage basis depending on the typing match-up; as well as those that are ineffective.

For example:

  • Fire-type moves are2x more effective against Grass types
  • Fire-type moves are0.5x effective against water types
  • Normal 

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is a bit more simplistic.

What would have done double or half damage in the regular games, instead does 1.2 or 0.8 damage respectively.

Those moves that are typically ineffective, are now just less effective.

Pokemon TCG

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