Obsidian Flames Pokemon TCG Set: Release Date, Card List, Pre-Order, Charmander ETB Promo, Products, Charizard And Everything You Need To Know

The Pokemon TCG has officially announced set #3 of the Scarlet and Violet era ‘Obsidian Flames‘.

The Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard evolution line is the focus for this upcoming set, which will release in Japan as ‘Rule of the Black Flame’.

With this set coming before the Pokemon TCG 151 Set (also known as Scarlet and Violet 3.5), it’s sure to be a fantastic set for players to try out with some awesome cards for avid collectors.

So here’s all you need to know about the Pokemon Trading Card Game’s ‘Scarlet & Violet: Obsidian Flames‘ Set.

When Is The Obsidian Flames Release Date?

Obsidian Flames is planned to release on the 11th of August 2023.

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Obsidian Flames Set Details

Featuring 190 cards, this set features ‘type-shifted Tera Pokemon ex’ cards. It’s based on the Japanese set ‘Ruler of the Black Flame’.

With all the type-shifts, it reminds us a lot of the Delta Species Pokemon that appeared in the early 2000s.

Including more than 20 brand-new ‘Pokemon ex’ cards, some of which include:

  • Charizard ex
  • Tyranitar ex
  • Eiscue ex
  • Vespiquen ex
  • Dragonite ex
  • Greedent ex
  • Revaroom ex
  • Melmetal ex

There are also more than 15 Trainer Cards and dozens of Pokemon and Trainer cards with special illustrations.

Obsidian Flames Key Art

Obsidian Flames Pre-Release Promo Cards

Here are the pre-release promo cards that will be available in Build & Battle boxes for Obsidian Flames.

Obsidian Flames Pre-Release Cards

Obsidian Flames Products

Below are all the available products for Obsidian Flames.

Elite Trainer Box

The Obsidian Flames Elite Trainer Box features one version, with Charmander on the cover of the box.

There is a Pokemon Center variant, that is exclusively sold on the Pokemon Center website.

Obsidian Flames Elite Trainer Box Contents
Everything Included In The Pokemon Center ETB

Included in the box is:

  • 11 Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet—Obsidian Flames booster packs

  • 1 full-art foil promo card featuring Charmander and a Pokémon Center logo

  • 1 full-art foil promo card featuring Charmander

  • 65 card sleeves featuring Charmander

  • 45 Pokémon TCG Energy cards

  • A player’s guide to the Scarlet & Violet—Obsidian Flames expansion

  • 6 damage-counter dice

  • 1 competition-legal coin-flip die

  • 2 plastic condition markers

  • A collector’s box to hold everything, with 4 dividers to keep it organized

  • A code card for Pokémon Trading Card Game Live

Obsidian Flames Charmander ETB Promo Card
Charmander Promo Cards from the Pokemon Center ETB

Booster Box

As usual, the Booster Display Box will feature 36 packs inside.

Usually, this is the best option for avid collectors of sets that want to maximise their return, due to the number of packs, you have a higher chance of pulling some great cards.

Obsidian Flames Booster Box

Sleeved Booster Packs

These feature one loose booster pack within a sleeve.

The pack artwork features Charizard, Tyranitar, Revavroom and Dragonite.

Obsidian Flames Single Sleeved Blisters
Booster Packs feature Charizard, Tyranitar, Revavroom and Dragonite on the cover.

Booster Bundle

The Booster Bundle gives users 6 Obsidian Flames Booster Packs.

A great option for collectors who want to buy more than a few packs at once, without breaking the bank.

Obsidian Flames Booster Bundle
The Booster Bundle feature six Booster Packs

Checklane Pack Blister

This cheap and cheerful product contains one Obsidian Flames pack, one promo card and one coin.

In this set, collectors can get two versions – one with Pawmi and one with a Paldean Wooper promo card.

Obsidian Flames 1 Pack Blister
Checklane Pack Blister features a Pawmi Promo card

Premium Checklane Blister

These products are good for collectors of multiple sets, or those perhaps making a deck.

The Premium Checklane Blister features a pack, a coin and the full evolution line of either Annihilape (with Priemape and Mankey) or Kingambit (with Bisharp and Pawniard).

These specific cards are not promo cards and are from the previous set, which in this case would be Paldea Evolved.

Obsidian Flames Premium Checklane Blister
The Premium Checklane Blisters feature the full evolution line of Annihilape and Kingambit from the Paldea Evolved set.

3 Pack Blister

These products are great for those that want to rip packs on a budget.

Each product features three packs, one coin and a Promo card.

In these products, collectors can get a Promo card of Eevee and Houndstone.

Obsidian Flames 3 Pack Blister
These 3 pack blisters feature promo cards of Eevee and Houndstone.

Where To Pre-Order Obsidian Flames

As it stands, here are the places you can pre-order Obsidian Flames:

Pokemon Center

Chaos Cards

Total Cards

We will update this page with the latest pre-order deals as they go ahead – be sure to bookmark it and check back regularly!

Obsidian Flames Card List

ex Cards

Obsidian Flames Double Rare/ex cards

Illustration Rare

Obsidian Flames Illustration Rare cards

Ultra Rare

Obsidian Flames Ultra Rare cards

Special Illustration Rare

 Obsidian Flames Special Illustration Rare cards

Hyper Rare

Obsidian Flames Hyper Rare cards

Card List

  1. Oddish
  2. Gloom
  3. Bellossom
  4. Scyther
  5. Shuckle
  6. Surskit
  7. Masquerain
  8. Combee
  9. Foongus
  10. Amoonguss
  11. Phantump
  12. Trevenant
  13. Rowlet
  14. Dartrix
  15. Decidueye ex
  16. Bounsweet
  17. Stenee
  18. Tsareena
  19. Smoliv
  20. Dolliv
  21. Arboliva
  22. Toedscruel ex
  23. Capsakid
  24. Capsakid
  25. Scovillain
  26. Charmander
  27. Charmeleon
  28. Vulpix
  29. Ninetales
  30. Entei
  31. Numel
  32. Camerupt
  33. Victini ex
  34. Darumaka
  35. Darmanitan
  36. Litwick
  37. Lampent
  38. Chandelure
  39. Heatmor
  40. Larvesta
  41. Volcarona
  42. Eiscue ex
  43. Charcadet
  44. Armarouge
  45. Lapras
  46. Carvanha
  47. Sharpedo
  48. Buizel
  49. Floatzel
  50. Tympole
  51. Palpitoad
  52. Seismitoad
  53. Cubchoo
  54. Beartic
  55. Cryogonal
  56. Froakie
  57. Frogadier
  58. Wiglett
  59. Wugtrio
  60. Finizen
  61. Finizen
  62. Palafin
  63. Magnemite
  64. Magneton
  65. Magnezone
  66. Tyranitar ex
  67. Tynamo
  68. Elektrik
  69. Elektross
  70. Thundurus
  71. Toxel
  72. Toxtricity
  73. Pawmot ex
  74. Tadbulb
  75. Tabulb
  76. Tabulb
  77. Bellibolt
  78. Bellibolt
  79. Miraidon ex
  80. Cleffa
  81. Clefairy
  82. Clefable ex
  83. Togepi
  84. Togetic
  85. Togekiss
  86. Espeon
  87. Snubbull
  88. Granbull
  89. Mawile
  90. Spoink
  91. Grumpig
  92. Lunatone
  93. Solrock
  94. Baltoy
  95. Claydol
  96. Vespiquen ex
  97. Sinistea
  98. Polteageist
  99. Greavard
  100. Greavard
  101. Houndstone
  102. Houndstone ex
  103. Diglett
  104. Dugtrio
  105. Larvitar
  106. Pupitar
  107. Nosepass
  108. Barboach
  109. Whishcash
  110. Bonsly
  111. Drilbur
  112. Stunfisk
  113. Digersby
  114. Crabrawler
  115. Crabominable
  116. Rockruff
  117. Lycanroc
  118. Toedscool
  119. Toedscruel
  120. Klawf ex
  121. Glimmet
  122. Glimmet
  123. Glimmora ex
  124. Koraidon ex
  125. Charizard ex
  126. Paldean Wooper
  127. Paldean Wooper
  128. Paldean Clodsire
  129. Paldean Clodsire
  130. Umbreon
  131. Houndour
  132. Houndour
  133. Houndoom
  134. Houndoom ex
  135. Absol ex
  136. Darkrai
  137. Inkay
  138. Malamar
  139. Salandit
  140. Salazzle
  141. Scizor
  142. Skarmory
  143. Mawile
  144. Bronzor
  145. Bronzong
  146. Probopass
  147. Excadrill
  148. Pawniard
  149. Bisharp
  150. Kingambit
  151. Togedemaru
  152. Meltan
  153. Melmetal ex
  154. Varoom
  155. Varoom
  156. Revavroom ex
  157. Dratini
  158. Dragonair
  159. Dragonair ex
  160. Altaria
  161. Drampa
  162. Pidgey
  163. Pidgeotto
  164. Pidgeot ex
  165. Kangaskhan
  166. Eevee
  167. Zigzagoon
  168. Linoone
  169. Swablu
  170. Lillipup
  171. Herdier
  172. Soutland
  173. Audino
  174. Bouffalant
  175. Bunnelby
  176. Yungoos
  177. Gumshoos
  178. Skwovet
  179. Greedent ex
  180. Lechonk
  181. Lechonk
  182. Lechonk
  183. Oinkologne
  184. Oinkologne
  185. Flamigo
  186. Arven
  187. Brassius
  188. Geeta
  189. Letter of Encouragment
  190. Ortega
  191. Patrol Cup
  192. Pokemon League Headquarters
  193. Poppy
  194. Ryme
  195. Team Star Grunt
  196. Town Store
  197. Vengeful Punch
  198. Gloom (Illustration Rare)
  199. Ninetales (Illustration Rare)
  200. Palafin (Illustration Rare)
  201. Bellibolt (Illustration Rare)
  202. Cleffa (Illustration Rare)
  203. Larvitar (Illustration Rare)
  204. Houndour (Illustration Rare)
  205. Scizor (Illustration Rare)
  206. Varoom (Illustration Rare)
  207. Pidgey (Illustration Rare)
  208. Pidgeotto (Illustration Rare)
  209. Lechonk (Illustration Rare)
  210. Eiscue ex (Ultra Rare)
  211. Tyranitar ex (Ultra Rare)
  212. Verspiquen (Ultra Rare)
  213. Glimmora ex (Ultra Rare)
  214. Absol ex (Ultra Rare) Charizard ex (Ultra Rare)
  215. Charizard ex (Ultra Rare)
  216. Revavroom ex (Ultra Rare)
  217. Pidgeot ex (Ultra Rare)
  218. Geeta (Ultra Rare)
  219. Ortega (Ultra Rare)
  220. Poppy (Ultra Rare)
  221. Ryme (Ultra Rare)
  222. Eiscue ex (Special Illustration Rare)
  223. Charizard ex (Special Illustration Rare)
  224. Revavroom ex (Special Illustration Rare)
  225. Pidgeot ex (Special Illustration Rare)
  226. Geeta (Special Illustration Rare)
  227. Poppy (Special Illustration Rare)
  228. Charizard ex (Hyper Rare)
  229. Artazon (Hyper Rare)
  230. Basic Fire Energy (Hyper Rare)

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