Paldea Evolved Most Valuable Cards And Best Cards To Get (July 2023)

Paldea Evolved is the second set of the Scarlet and Violet era and contains some fantastic cards in it.

Many may be unaware of what the set contains as the Pokemon TCG has recently announced the incredible set ‘Obsidian Flames‘ and is even drumming up hype with the special Pokemon 151 set.

Dedicated collectors want to know the best cards to pull and how valuable those cards are when investing in new sets.

So we’ve provided you with the latest values for some of the biggest cards in the Pokemon TCG Paldea Evolved set for July 2023!

Most Valuable Cards In Paldea Evolved

Please bear in mind, the values are taken from, TCGPlayer and Cardmarket; in this article, we are talking about English ungraded cards only.

Be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly to keep up to date with the latest values!

Last updated: 28th of June 2023.


1 – Iono 269/193 (Special Illustration Rare)

This card was originally featured in the Japanese set ‘Clay Burst’ and is now available in ‘Paldea Evolved’.

As the set is still rather new, prices are a bit inflated but lower than we would have expected. has noted this card has dropped almost £30 since launch.

On TCGPlayer, this card is fetching between $120-130. While Cardmarket has this listed for just £80-85, which is on par with eBay.

This is the top card in the equivalent Japanese set (by a large margin) and will likely remain that way in the English set for the foreseeable future.

Value: $120-125/£75-80/€65-70

2 – Magikarp 203/193 (Illustration Rare)

Magikarp ha retained its value well, probably due to its rarity and great artwork.

The artwork gives off a similar vibe to the Giratina Alt-art from Lost Origin, which may be why it’s reached such a high value for an Illustration Rare.

On TCGPlayer, this card is valued at $55. Meanwhile, on Cardmarket it’s going for £40 and up to £50 on eBay.

It could be this card retains its value well over time, but as the set is still new, we will see it drop as the market becomes more saturated.

Value: $55-60/£40-45/€45-50

4 – Chien-Pao ex 261/193 (Special Illustration Rare)

The dual-type Dark/Ice Legendary Pokémon, Chien-Pao, was featured before release and may not have received the love it deserved in the Japanese set equivalent.

This card has already dropped in value after two weeks, be it not a lot, it will likely settle down and retain a good value at the £20-30 mark.

Value: $35-40/£25-£30/€35-40

5 – Iono 254/193 (Hyper Rare)

Iono’s Hyper Rare card has retained value well and has actually increased in value, probably due to the fact a few have been submitted to PSA; meaning its more interesting to users to buy and grade.

The Clay Burst card has reached a good price point, valued at $45 on TCGPlayer. On CardMarket, this card is going for as low as £32. There’s a number of them on eBay ranging from £35 up to £50.

Value: $40-45/£35-£40/€35-40

Other Cards

Some valuable cards to also keep an eye on:

  • Dendra 266/193
    • $25-30/£23-£28/€26-31
  • Meowscarada 256/193
    • $18-23/£22-£27/€25-30
  • Grusha 268/193
    • $15-20/£20-£25/€24-29
  • Boss’s Orders 265/193
    • $19-24/£17-£23/€22-27
  • Chi-Yu ex 259/193
    • $16-21/£20-£25/€22-27

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