Pokemon TCG Fall 2023 Poke Ball Series 9 (Lure Ball Tins): Release Date, Price, Pre-Order, Packs, Where To Buy, What’s Included And Is It Worth It?

If the Pokemon TCG 151 set, isn’t your thing and you’re more interested in current sets (such as Obsidian Flames) the new Poke Ball Series 9 Tins may be for you!

What’s unique about these is that not only are they the first Poke Ball tins of the Scarlet and Violet era, but the Lure Ball makes its debut!

So what can collectors expect? Here’s what you need to know about the Fall 2023 Poke Ball Lure Ball Tins.

Poke Ball Series 9 Tins Release Date

The 2023 Fall Tins, featuring the new Lure Ball Tin, will release in the US on the 22nd of September 2023.

No word of a UK launch has been issued yet.


The next set of Poke Ball tins will cost $14.99 in the USA (which is $2 more than previously).

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Where To Buy/Pre-Order Poke Ball Serie 9 Tins

Total Cards

What’s Inside?

These tins will include 3 packs, which is the same as usual, but appear to contain 2 sticker sheets.

This may be different for tins in the UK, which usually contain one coin.

We’re expecting one pack of each of the main Scarlet and Violet sets that have been released in 2023 (Scarlet and Violet Base set, Paldea Evolved and Obsidian Flames).

Despite releasing around the same time as the 151 set, they will not contain these packs.

Is It Worth It?

I’m not a huge fan of these Poke Ball tins, I think for the cost the value is rarely there unless the packs inside are worth it.

Unless you’re trying to collect all the different tins, they’re better obtained when they go on sale or are sold as a bundle.

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