Pokemon TCG Paldea Partners Gift Tins: Release Date, Price, Pre-Order, What’s In Them, Promo Cards And Is It Worth It?

With the Scarlet and Violet era in full swing, we’re starting to get a number of Pokemon TCG products including gift tins.

The recent Paldea Legends gift tins were the first tins to launch, but now we’re seeing a new set of tins – the Fall 2023 ex tins.

It’s not uncommon, with Sword and Shield releasing starter Pokemon tins early on in its lifespan.

So what are these tins about and what’s in them? Here’s all we know about the Scarlet and Violet Fall 2023 ex gift tins.

Release Date

The Gift Tins are slated for a release date of the 1st of September 2023 as it stands.

It’s unconfirmed whether this is a global release date or not.


In the UK, these will retail at £23.99, but will likely go for £19.99 at most online stores.

These tins in the US will retail for $26.99.

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What’s In The Paldea Partners Gift Tins Gift Tins?

The Fall 2023 gift tins will feature an ex card of one of the three starters from the Paldea region (the location Scarlet and Violet is set).

This includes Meowscarada ex, Skeledirge ex and Quaquval ex.

As always, these tins will contain a number of packs. The US tins tend to be bigger and contain five packs, while the UK packs are smaller and contain four packs.

Given its release date and the theme of the tins, we’re expecting them to contain Scarlet and Violet Base set, Paldea Evolved and Obsidian Flames packs.

Once we have more details, we’ll update this page – be sure to bookmark and it check back regularly!

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North America Tins

European Tins

Fall 2023 ex Tin Promo Cards

Mowscarada ex 033 (Black Star Promo)

The featured Mewoscarada ex card is a Black Star Promo card.

The grass type has 310 HP, with one attacking move and one ability.

Its ability, ‘Bouquet Magic’, allows the player to put 3 damage counters on one of their opponent’s bench Pokemon, once during their turn. But, it requires a player to discard a Basic Leaf energy card from their hand in order to use the ability.

Meowscarada’s attacking move, ‘Scratching Nails’, requires two energy of any type. This deals 100+ damage, if your opponent’s Active Pokemon already has any damage counter on it, the attack does more damage.

Skeledirge ex 034 (Black Star Promo)

The featured Skeledirge ex card is a Black Star Promo card.

The fire type has 340 HP, with two attacking moves.

‘Vitality Song’ is its first attacking move, requiring one fire energy, dealing 50 damage and healing 30 damage from each of the player’s Pokemon.

Skeledirge’s second attacking move, ‘Burning Voice’, requires two fire energy cards. This deals 270- damage, but this attack does 10 less damage for each damage counter on this Pokemon.

Quaquaval ex 035 (Black Star Promo)

The featured Quaquaval ex card is a Black Star Promo card.

The water type has 320 HP, with two attacking moves.

‘Exciting Dance’ is its first attacking move, requiring one water energy and dealing 60 damage. It also allows the player to switch this Pokemon with one of their Benched Pokemon. If they choose to do this, they can switch out their opponent’s Active Pokemon to the Bench (they can also choose which Pokemon to switch to).

Quaquaval’s second attacking move, ‘Spiral Shot’, requires one water energy and any other energy card. This deals 230 damage and lets you put two energy cards attached to this Pokemon into your hand.


Chaos Cards

Total Cards

Magic Madhouse

Is It Worth It?

If these tins have more than one Obsidian Flames pack, then yes these will be worth it.

Given they will more than likely be obtainable for £19.99, they’ll be nice additions for Pokemon Card collectors.

With them releasing in September, they usually come in large quantities, so they will be on sale not long after if you’re not too convinced. I would look at Black Friday as a good example of when these would go on sale.

They also contain nice Promotional Cards too, regardless of which one you get.

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