Obsidian Flames Card List Prices (October 2023): Most Valuable Cards, Price List And Best Cards

With the Obsidian Flames set now out in the wild, it’s time to look at the most valuable cards and the Obsidian Flames Card List Prices.

Featuring four Charizards in the set, as well as a number of high value cards, this set is one of the biggest in the Scarlet and Violet era.

Here are the most expensive cards in the Pokemon TCG Obsidian Flames set.

Obsidian Flames Card List Prices

Here are the most valuable and expensive cards in the Obsidian Flames set (last updated 5th of October 2023)

#1 – Charizard ex (223/197)

The most sought-after card in the set (and possibly the Scarlet and Violet era) has unsurprisingly made it to the top of the pile.

In a month, this card’s value has almost halved, which is ridiculous for such a beautiful card that features Charizard.

Price: <£70

Charizard ex Special Illustration Rare

#2 – Charizard ex 228/197

Another unsurprising addition is the Hyper Rare (or secret rare) Charizard ex.

Hyper Rare cards don’t often see much value behind them in the newer sets, so it’s not a huge shock to see this one trailing behind, but it is way behind where we expected.

We anticipated this card to plateau at around £25 and it’s almost hit that point, there’s quite a plummet in card value lately so we could see this drop further.

Price: <£30

Charizard ex Hyper Rare

#3 – Charizard ex (215/197)

And the hat-trick card for Charizard is the Ultra Rare.

This has actually retained its value incredibly well since its release, only dropping a small amount.

Price: <£25

Charizard ex Ultra Rare

#4 – Charizard ex (125/197)

Are you surprised? Another Charizard, but this type is just the Double Rare. I’d argue this is the best artwork of all four.

It’s actually seemingly gone up in price, no doubt due to its impact in the TCG meta, its great artwork, its a CHARIZARD and a more affordable one at that.

Price: <£20

Charizard ex Double Rare

#5 – Pidgeot ex (225/197)

 A very simple yet nostalgic artwork sees Pidgeot ex in at #5; boasting some very strong abilities. Given its rarity it’s surprising to see a Special Illustration Rare of a great Pokemon for so cheap.

Obsidian Flames card list prices, if you plan to complete this set, are very reasonable; it has some fantastic cards without breaking the bank. This card may drop as low as £7-8 as time goes on, but will likely retain most of its value for a while.

Price: <£14

  • Price Charting: £10
  • TCG Player: $12
  • Card Market: £11
  • eBay: £14

Pidgeot ex Special Illustration Rare

Other Valuable Cards 

  • #6 Ninetales (199/197) – £9
  • #7 Tyranitar (211/197) – £7
  • #8 – Scizor (205/197)  – £5
  • #9 Cleffa (202/197) – £6
  • #10 Poppy (227/197) – £5

All other cards are priced at £4 and below.

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