Pokemon McDonald’s 2023 TCG Set Promo: UK And US Release Date And End Date, Card List, Packs, Toys, How To Get The Happy Meal Toys And Everything You Need To Know

The Pokemon TCG has many sets coming out, particularly this year, with Obsidian Flames approaching and the year ending with the Pokemon 151 set.

But one set that’s always exciting for new and old TCG collectors is the McDonald’s Pokemon TCG set.

This mini set is a fun way for young and old to get into the collecting game and releases every year.

Last year, players enjoyed a 15-card set called ‘Match Battle‘, which will continue this year.

Here’s what we know about the Pokemon McDonald’s TCG 2023 Promo set.

Release Date

The new Match Battle promo was released in the UK on the 23rd of August and end on the 3rd of October 2023.

In the US, it will begin on the 12th of September and end on the 16th of October 2023.

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The packs of cards contain 4 playing cards, all featuring Pokemon, with 1 holo card and 3 non-holo cards.

They’re accompanied with a toy, with this year’s toy being a “Match & Battle” toy.

How To Get Them

To get these cards and packs, you will need to purchase Happy Meals during its release period.

Usually, you can get more than one toy/pack of cards at a time if you go into McDonald’s and ask to just buy the toys, they will sell them to you for just £0.99.

Card List

The 2023 Pokémon McDonald’s Happy Meal promotion features 15 reprinted cards, each holding a unique appeal for collectors.

While most of these cards belong to the Scarlet & Violet series, the Pikachu comes from the Paldea Evolved series.

These cards will display the symbol ‘M23EN’ (standing for McDonald’s 2023 English).

Here are the cards confirmed so far:

  1. Sprigatito (Holo – Scarlet and Violet Base Set)
  2. Fuecoco (Holo – Scarlet and Violet Base Set)
  3. Quaxly (Holo – Scarlet and Violet Base Set)
  4. Cetoddle (Non-Holo Scarlet and Violet Base Set)
  5. Cetitan (Holo – Scarlet and Violet Base Set)
  6. Pikachu (Holo – Scarlet and Violet Base Set)
  7. Pawmi (Non-Holo Scarlet and Violet Base Set)
  8. Kilowattrel (Scarlet and Violet Base Set)
  9. Flittle (Non-Holo Scarlet and Violet Base Set)
  10. Sandaconda (Non-Holo Scarlet and Violet Base Set)
  11. Klawf (Holo – Scarlet and Violet Base Set)
  12. Blissey (Non-Holo Scarlet and Violet Base Set)
  13. Tandemaus (Non-Holo Scarlet and Violet Base Set)
  14. Cyclizar (Non-Holo Scarlet and Violet Base Set)
  15. Kirlia (Non-Holo Scarlet and Violet Base Set)

Based on the three Pokemon and the symbol, we’re joining the Scarlet and Violet era for the first time with McDonald’s.

With three non-holos, it’s likely we will only get a few holo cards again with this set.

It’s almost inevitable that we will see Pikachu appear as a card as the Electric type appears in almost every McDonald’s set.

It could be we’ve not had much information so far as there have yet to be enough Scarlet and Violet era sets to choose reprints from. So to avoid spoilers, they are waiting to release this year’s set.

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