Pokemon GO Friend Codes 2023 (Pokemon GO Friend Finder)

pokemon go friend codes

Pokemon GO is well known for adding Quests that require players to trade with friends and even make new ones; which can be hard if you don’t know many people that play the game or have already been added to your friends list.

If you’re one of those players struggling to find a new friend, you’re not the only one. But thankfully, there are many websites available and group forums to make those new friends.

Here are some great websites to visit to get Pokemon GO Friend Codes in 2023 and the best Pokemon GO Friend Finder.

Best Pokemon GO Friend Finder Websites

PoGO Trainer Club

PoGO Trainer Club is one of the best places to communicate and coordinate with new friends.

Allowing you to communicate with players around the world to Gfit, Trade, Raid and Battle depending on what you would like to do. Each profile also details what this person wants to do, allowing you to avoid players who aren’t interested in the same activities.

It also conveniently lists players’ Trainer Codes and QR codes to quickly scan and add.

If you register to become a member, you’ll be able to see trainers near you and trade Pokemon!

PoGO Trainer Club
PoGO Trainer Club allows you to quickly add and communicate with new friends!

Pokemon GO Gishan

Pokemon GO Gishan is a bit more detailed. Not only does it tell you what their trainer level is, but allows informs you which team they swear their allegiance to.

It also lets you find players by region and features a translator so you can communicate with those who speak other languages.

PoGO Guide Gashin Website
PoGO Guide Gashin adds more details and a translator!

Pokemon GO Friend Codes

Pokemon GO Friend Codes is a bit more simple and straight to the point.

This website strips away the details and provides you with an array of codes, with a ready-to-go QR code for your convenience.

The obvious drawbacks to this is you have no idea who you’re adding and what they are interested in.

However, there are some filters available such as team, location and gift preferences.

Pokemon GO Friend Codes website
Pokemon GO Friend Codes makes it quick and easy to add random friends!

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