Paradox Rift Pokemon TCG Set: Release Date, Card List English, Elite Trainer Box And Booster Box Best Pre-Order Deals, Pre-Release, Featured Pokemon And Everything You Need To Know

The Pokemon TCG is getting ready to announce its fourth main-line set of the Scarlet and Violet era ‘Paradox Rift’.

As we enter the second half of the year, Pokemon is certainly making up for the slow start to 2023 – we’re getting the Obsidian Flames set, 151 set and now this new set in the space of 4 months.

So what is this new set all about and when can we expect to get our hands on it?

Here’s everything we know about the upcoming Pokemon TCG set Paradox Rift.

When Is The Paradox Rift Release Date?

The Paradox Rift TCG set appears to be set for a 3rd of November 2023 release.

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Paradox Rift Set Details

Paradox Rift will likely be a combination of Japanese sets, featuring Ancient Roar and Future Flash as well as Raging Surf.

This set will contain 182 cards in the base set (not including Illustration, Ultra, Special Illustration or Hyper Rares).

The set will include:

  • 13 Pokemon ex
  • 7 Tera Pokemon ex cards
  • 34 Illustration Rare Pokemon and Supporter cards
  • 15 Special Illustration Rare Pokemon and Supporter cards
  • 28 Ultra-Rare Full-Art Etched Pokemon and Supporter cards
  • 7 Ultra Rare Fullt-Art Etched Pokemon ex and Supporter cards
  • Technical Machines will also return, where they’ll appear as new Pokemon tool cards that allow access to a new attack while attached

It’s the first set that will also introduce the Ancient and Future mechanic.

While we’re yet to get many details on these three sets, we do know that Raging Surf will feature Gholdengo ex and a Tera Water-type Garchomp ex.

There’s also a Starter Set Terastal Mewtwo ex and Starter Set Terastal Skeleridge ex which will release alongside those sets and be incorporated into the main English set.

It’s pretty clear based on the name of the set that Paradox Pokemon will be the main theme for this set – it’s been confirmed we will see the debuts of Scream Tail, Roaring Moon, Iron Valiant Brute Bonnet, Iron Moth and Iron Bundle.

Paradox Rift Pre-Release Promo Cards

The Promo Cards have not been revealed yet and are only obtainable in Build and Battle Boxes (which are also available in Build and Battle Stadium boxes).

Each set has four available Promo Cards and usually releases two weeks before the set’s launch; so expect them to release on the 21st-29th of October 2023.

Paradox Rift Products

Pre-Release Cards

paradox rift pre-release cards

Booster Box

Featuring 36 Booster-Packs, these pricey products will usually give you the best return for your money, featuring all four unique booster pack art works.

paradox rift booster box

Booster Pack

The four featured art-works for Paradox Rift’s Booster Packs are of Iron Valiant, Roaring Moon, Armourage and Water Tera-type Garchomp.

Each Booster Pack contains 10 additional game cards.

Booster Bundle

Paradox Rift will also feature the Booster Bundle, which contains 6 Booster Packs.

A great option if you just want to open a few packs and a nice in-between from the 3-Pack Blister and Elite Trainer Box.

Elite Trainer Box

There will be two Elite Trainer Boxes for Paradox Rift featuring Roaring Moon (for the past/Scarlet)…

Roaring Moon Paradox Rift Elite Trainer Box

and Iron Valiant (for the future/Violet)…

iron valiant elite trainer box paradox rift

There will also be two additional versions for the Pokemon Centre.

Included in the box is:

  • 11 Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet—Paradox Rift booster packs
  • 1 full-art foil promo card with a Pokémon Center logo
  • 1 full-art foil promo card
  • 65 card sleeves
  • 45 Pokémon TCG Energy cards
  • A player’s guide to the Scarlet & Violet—Paradox Rift expansion
  • 6 damage-counter dice
  • 1 competition-legal coin-flip die
  • 2 plastic condition markers
  • A collector’s box to hold everything, with 4 dividers to keep it organized
  • A code card for Pokémon Trading Card Game Live

The full-art foil promo cards for each ETB have yet to be revealed.

The regular ETB will not have the full-art foil promo card with a Pokémon Center logo and two fewer Booster Pack.

paradox rift elite trainer box contents

3-Pack Blister

Paradox Rift will feature two 3-pack Blisters, containing three Booster Packs and one Black Star Promo Card.

The two Black Star Promo Cards are Cetitan and Arctibax.

PARADOX rift 3 pack blisters

1-Pack Blister

Paradox Rift will also feature two 1-pack Blisters, containing one Booster Pack and one Black Star Promo Card.

The two Black Star Promo Cards are Pineco and Sinistea.

paradox rift 1 pack blister

Premium Checklane Blister

The new set will again add two Premium Checklane Blister products. This product features a Pokemon Evolution line, from the previous set, containing three Pokemon with the final evolution being a holographic.

The first features the Hyreigon evolution line and the second contains the Tinkaton evolution line.

Build & Battle Stadium

The Build and Battle Stadium effectively contains two Build And Battle Boxes, which are available at the pre-release.

These boxes have one of four possible Black Star Promo cards with the Paradox Rift logo-stamp on the card.

The Build & Battle Stadium contains:

  • 2 x 40-Card Decks
  • 2 x Promo Cards
  • 11 x Booster Packs
  • 121 Energy Cards
  • 7 x Dice
  • 2 x Coin Markers



The set has yet to be officially revealed by the Pokemon Company, some places are already taking pre-orders:

Pokemon Center UK

Chaos Cards

Magic Madhouse

Total Cards

The Card Vault


Pokemon Center US

Skyfox Games

Zulus Games

Card Trooper Games

Paradox Rift Card List

The card list for this set has yet to be revealed, as soon as we have it, we will update this page!

Here are the Pokemon we know will come in this set:

Paradox Pokemon:

  • Scream Tail (Jigglypuff)
  • Brute Bonnet (Ammonguss)
  • Roaring Moon ex (Salamence)
  • Iron Bundle (Delibird)
  • Iron Moth (Volcarona)
  • Iron Valiant ex (Gallade/Gardevoir)

Normal Pokemon:

  • Gimmighoul
  • Gholdengo ex
  • Gible
  • Gabite
  • Tera Water-type Garchomp ex
  • Groudon ex
  • Tapu Koko ex
  • Jirachi ex
  • Mabostiff ex
  • Atticus

ex Cards

paradox rift ex cards

Illustration Rares

paradox rift illustration rares

Special Illustration Rares

paradox rift special illustration rare

Here’s the full card list:

  1. Surskit
  2. Masquerain
  3. Froslass ex
  4. Pansage
  5. Simisage
  6. Dwebble
  7. Crustle
  8. Bounsweet
  9. Steenee
  10. Blipbug
  11. Dottler
  12. Orbeetle
  13. Nymble
  14. Nymble
  15. Toedscool
  16. Toedscool
  17. Toedscruel
  18. Wo-Chien
  19. Magby
  20. Pansear
  21. Simisear
  22. Volcanion
  23. Fuecoco
  24. Crocalor
  25. Charcadet
  26. Charcadet
  27. Armarouge ex
  28. Iron Moth
  29. Chi-Yu
  30. TBC
  31. TBC
  32. TBC
  33. TBC
  34. TBC
  35. TBC
  36. TBC
  37. TBC
  38. TBC
  39. Mantyke
  40. Palkia
  41. TBC
  42. TBC
  43. TBC
  44. TBC
  45. TBC
  46. TBC
  47. TBC
  48. TBC
  49. TBC
  50. TBC
  51. TBC
  52. TBC
  53. TBC
  54. TBC
  55. Dondozo
  56. Iron Bundle (Delibird)
  57. Chien-Pao
  58. Mewtwo ex
  59. TBC
  60. TBC
  61. TBC
  62. TBC
  63. TBC
  64. TBC
  65. TBC
  66. Zekrom
  67. TBC
  68. Tapu Koko ex
  69. TBC
  70. Iron Hands ex
  71. TBC
  72. TBC
  73. TBC
  74. TBC
  75. TBC
  76. TBC
  77. TBC
  78. TBC
  79. TBC
  80. TBC
  81. TBC
  82. TBC
  83. TBC
  84. TBC
  85. TBC
  86. Scream Tail (Jigglypuff)
  87. TBC
  88. TBC
  89. Iron Valiant ex (Gallade/Gardevoir)
  90. TBC
  91. TBC
  92. TBC
  93. TBC
  94. Gible
  95. TBC
  96. TBC
  97. TBC
  98. TBC
  99. TBC
  100. TBC
  101. TBC
  102. TBC
  103. TBC
  104. TBC
  105. TBC
  106. TBC
  107. Slither Wing
  108. TBC
  109. TBC
  110. TBC
  111. TBC
  112. TBC
  113. Absol
  114. TBC
  115. TBC
  116. TBC
  117. TBC
  118. Yveltal
  119. TBC
  120. TBC
  121. TBC
  122. TBC
  123. Brute Bonnet (Amoonguss)
  124. Roaring Moon ex (Salamence)
  125. TBC
  126. Jirachi
  127. TBC
  128. TBC
  129. TBC
  130. TBC
  131. TBC
  132. TBC
  133. TBC
  134. TBC
  135. TBC
  136. Zacian
  137. Skeleridge ex
  138. TBC
  139. Gholdengo ex
  140. Altaria ex
  141. TBC
  142. TBC
  143. TBC
  144. TBC
  145. TBC
  146. TBC
  147. TBC
  148. TBC
  149. TBC
  150. TBC
  151. TBC
  152. TBC
  153. Tandemaus
  154. TBC
  155. Maushold ex
  156. Bombirdier ex
  157. Cyclizar
  158. Iron Jugulis
  159. TBC
  160. TBC
  161. TBC
  162. TBC
  163. TBC
  164. TBC
  165. TBC
  166. TBC
  167. Mela
  168. TBC
  169. TBC
  170. Professor Sada’s Vitality
  171. TBC
  172. TBC
  173. TBC
  174. TBC
  175. Snorlax Doll
  176. TBC
  177. TBC
  178. TBC
  179. Technical Machine: Turbo Energize
  180. TBC
  181. Tuli
  182. TBC
  183. TBC
  184. TBC
  185. TBC
  186. Brute Bonnet (Illustration Rare)
  187. Iron Moth (Illustration Rare)
  188. TBC
  189. Mantyke (Illustration Rare)
  190. TBC
  191. TBC
  192. TBC
  193. Plusle (Illustration Rare)
  194. Minun (Illustration Rare)
  195. TBC
  196. TBC
  197. TBC
  198. Gimmighoul (Illustration Rare)
  199. TBC
  200. TBC
  201. TBC
  202. TBC
  203. TBC
  204. TBC
  205. Yveltal (Illustration Rare)
  206. TBC
  207. Brute Bonnet (Illustration Rare)
  208. TBC
  209. TBC
  210. TBC
  211. TBC
  212. TBC
  213. TBC
  214. TBC
  215. TBC
  216. TBC
  217. TBC
  218. TBC
  219. TBC
  220. TBC
  221. TBC
  222. TBC
  223. TBC
  224. TBC
  225. TBC
  226. TBC
  227. TBC
  228. TBC
  229. TBC
  230. TBC
  231. TBC
  232. TBC
  233. TBC
  234. TBC
  235. TBC
  236. TBC
  237. TBC
  238. TBC
  239. TBC
  240. TBC
  241. TBC
  242. TBC
  243. TBC
  244. TBC
  245. TBC
  246. Golisopod ex (Special Illustration Rare)
  247. TBC
  248. TBC
  249. TBC
  250. TBC
  251. TBC
  252. Gholdengo ex (Special Illustration Rare)

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