Paldea Evolved Pre-release Promos Revealed

Paldea Evolved is the next big expansion in the Pokemon TCG, set to release on the 9th June.

But before it officially launches, the game will release its customary pre-release promo cards.

Four unique Holo cards, with the Paldea Evolved stamp, will be available for collectors.

Paldea Evolved Pre-release Promo Cards

The first card features Baxcalibur.

The water type has 160HP, with the Ability ‘Super Cold’. This ability allows you to, as often as you like during your turn, attach a basic energy card from your hand to 1 of your Pokemon. 

It also has the move ‘Buster Tail’, which deals 130 damage.

The second card features Tinkaton.

The Psychic type has 140 HP and the ability ‘Gather Materials’. This ability requires you to discard a card from your hand in order to use this ability, but allows you to draw 3 cards, once during your turn.

Tinkaton also uses the move ‘Special Hammer’, dealing 90+ damage, but can do 90 more damage if they have a Special Energy attached.

Our next card is Murkrow.

The dark type has 60HP, with two moves. The first, ‘Spin Turn’, does 10 damage and allows you to switch Murkrow with 1 benched Pokemon.

The other move, ‘United Wings’, does 20 damage for each Pokemon in your discard pile that has United Wings Aattack.

Finally, the last card is Pelipper.

The normal type has 120 HP and the ability ‘Hearsay’. When you play this Pokemon from your hand to evolve 1 of your Pokemon during your turn, you may choose one of two options. Option one, put a supporter card from your discard pile into your hand or search your deck for a Supporter card, reveal it, put it into your hand, and then shuffle your deck.

It also has the move ‘Wing Attack’, which does 90 damage.

How To Get The Paldea Evolved Pre-release Promo Cards

To obtain these cards, you need to buy the Paldea Evovled Build and Battle boxes.

Every box has one of the our promo cards inside, along with four packs. The cards are random,  so there is no way of knowing what each box has.

These boxes are available from select retailers from the 27th of May.

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