Overwatch 2 x John Cena Collaboration: Release Date, Skin And Everything You Need To Know

With Season 6 of Overwatch 2 imminent, new teasers are popping up about a potential collaboration between the game and legendary WWE wrestler John Cena.

It’s not the first time Overwatch 2 has done a crossover, previously collaborating with One-Punch Man, it’s an unusual choice.

With cryptic messages and clues surfacing, could the ‘Doctor of Thuganomics’ really be on his way to Overwatch 2?

Release Date

No release date has been set for this collaboration, however, it’s likely to arrive in Season 6 of Overwatch 2.

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Hints And Clues

Ahead of the release of Overwatch 2 Season 6: Invasion, Blizzard has been teasing the update by allowing a hooded figure called Enigma to “hack” into players’ games, with lines of HTML-style code appearing on some popular streamer’s livestreams, like Emongg, KarQ, and Flats.

Reddit user shared a clip from one of Emongg’s recent streams, showing that the code was in the font family “Felix-Antony’–John Cena’s middle name.

There are other clues too, with a shortened URL linking to an image reading “JC” and the colour code “#042377” which translates to Cena’s birthday, April 23, 1977

The hacking has been the only teaser up until John Cena himself recently shared an Overwatch 2 screenshot from a Twitch stream on his Instagram.

It doesn’t seem to give anything away at first glance, but the image links to an official “Overwatch 2 dev hang” and when jumping to the 1:12:05 timestamp shown in the screenshot, the developers can be heard talking with some streamers about potential crossovers and collaborations for the game.

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