Oinkologne ex Collection Box: Release Date, Price, Pre-Order, Where To Buy, What Packs Are Inside And Is It Worth It?

September’s ex Collection Box features another new Paldean Pokemon Oinkologne.

The Scarlet and Violet era has been releasing products thick and fast and the last quarter is jam-packed with goodies for all types of collectors.

Our next ex-box features the evolved form of Lechonk, a fan-favourite Pokemon.

Here’s what you need to know about the Oinkologne ex Collection Box.

Release Date

The Oinkologne ex collection box will release on the 22nd of September 2023.

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This product retails at £23.99, but you will likely be able to grab it for £21.95.

It’s going for $21.99 in the US.

Where To Buy

Here are some locations in which you can pre-order the game:

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What’s Inside?

What’s inside the box you ask? Here’s what you can expect

  • 1 foil card featuring Oinkologne ex
  • 1 foil card featuring Lechonk
  • 1 oversized Oinkologne ex card
  • 4 Pokémon TCG booster packs
  • A code card for Pokémon Trading Card Game Live

The Oinkologne ex and Lechonk cards are direct reprints from the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet base set.

While they’re not the most exciting cards, if you’re collecting the base set you can add them to your collection.

As for the packs, it’s clear that there is at least two Paldea Evolved pack and one Obsidian Flames pack.

Based on the small amounts of artwork we can see of the backpack on the right, it looks a lot like another Obsidian Flames pack with the Dragonite artwork.

Is It Worth It?

Overall it seems like a nice box, if you’re collecting the base set of Scarlet and Violet, it seems an easy and convenient way of adding Oinkologne ex to your collection and adding a rare additional holo Lechonk to it.

The packs are nice and while not many are too fussed by Paldea Evolved, having two Obsidian Flames packs is a nice addition.

Weirdly, despite featuring Base Set cards, there are no Base Set packs; which seems like a strange decision.

Either way, it’s a worthwhile addition if you’re looking to fill out your collections.

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