Obsidian Flames Pre-Release Cards Revealed

The Pokemon TCG third set, ‘Obsidian Flames‘, is set to release this summer.

For every new set, four special Holo Promo Cards are distributed before release to get trainers excited about the new set.

With this set, we’ve been given a look at what to expect.

So what Promo Cards are we looking at in Obsidian Flames?

Obsidian Flames Pre-Release Promo Cards

Here are the pre-release promo cards that will be available in Build & Battle boxes for Obsidian Flames.

Cards include Palafin, Cleffa, Togekiss and Mawile.

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Palafin 036 (Black Star Promo)

The water-type Palafin has 150 FP and two attack moves.

The first attack, ‘Jet Punch, requires one water energy and does 30 damage. This attack also does 30 damage to one of your opponent’s Benched Pokemon.

Cleffa 037 (Black Star Promo)

Cleffa, the psychic type, has 30 HP and no attack moves.

Her only move, ‘Grasping Draw’, allows the player to draw cards until they have 7 in their hand.

Togekiss 038 (Black Star Promo)

The psychic type Togekiss has 150 HP, with one ability and one attack move.

Its ability ‘Precious Gift’ allows users at the end of their turn (after they attack) to use the ability and draw cards until they have 8 in their hand.

‘Power Cyclone’, its only attack move, requires any two energy cards and does 110 damage. This also allows the user to move one energy card from this Pokemon to one of their Benched Pokemon.

Mawile 039 (Black Star Promo)

Mawile, the steel-type, also has one ability and one attack move.

Its ability ‘Special Eater’ is activated when playing it from your hand to your bench, during your turn, you can then discard a Special Energy from your opponent’s active Pokemon.

It’s attack move ‘Sharp Fang’ requires one metal energy and any two other energy cards, dealing 90 damage.

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