New Legend Conduit Apex Legends Guide: Abilities, Gameplay Tips And Tricks, Voice Actor And Everything You Need To Know

The new legend that has arrived Apex Legends Season 19 is called Conduit – a new legend takes some getting used to so we’ve crafted up a Conduit Apex Legends Guide.

As upcoming events in Apex Legends will come around, it’s a good opportunity to try her out and see what she’s all about.

Here’s some great tips for using the new legend Conduit.

Conduit Abilities

Here are Conduit’s abilities:

  • Passive: Savior’s Speed
    • Gain a burst of speed when running toward a teammate out of Tactical range
  • Tactical: Radiant Transfer
    • Send a surge of energy to a teammate generating temporary shields for them and Conduit when in danger
  • Ultimate: Energy Barricade
    • Deploy an array of shield jamming devices which damage and slow enemies

Conduit Apex Legends Guide Tips And Tricks

Play Passive

You’re the backbone of the team so you need to stay alive at all costs or you will lose quickly.

As a Support Legend, you don’t need to retrieve respawn banner cards to revive teammates; you can craft them at replicators.

So if your team goes down, you can quickly escape and still bring them back.

Instead, scout out enemies, lay down cover fire, provide shields for your teammates and give them support so they can do a lot of the heavy lifting.

Grab Extra Items

Conduit is a Support Legend, so she has two unique abilities.

The first is she can retrieve extra items from supply bins, so your team will be nice and stocked for fight.

It’s advised to give the better items to your teammates who are likely to be more aggressive and have more fights than yourself.


Her shields are pretty self-explanatory, but use them whenever you can in a fight. It will require enemies to work harder to get knockdowns/kills.

While they’re distracted, you can approach from a different angle and unleash hell on them.

Make The Most Of Her Passive

Conduit’s passive allows you to rotate quickly around the map and cover open spaces quickly.

So it’s fine to let your team lead the way and follow behind them.

It makes sense to provide your team with shields so they can cross the map safer and then follow after as you’ll get a speed boost while they’re out of range.

A Versatile Ultimate

Her Ultimate deals damage, slows enemies and stops enemies shielding.

You can use this both offensively and defensively.

Use it to stop advancing enemies by placing it between you and the enemy, particularly if you’re weak or have teammates that are downed.

And of course, drop it on a skirmish to give your team the advantage.

Best Weapons

Conduit does well with long ranged weapons, as she needs to play more passively, she won’t have too many close-range fights.

It’s worth having a shorter-ranged weapon on hand for closer fights if an enemy manages to get close or you can find your way behind an opponent.

Best Legends

The best Legends to pair her with are largely assault-based Legends such as Mad Maggie, Skirmishers such as Wraith or even Recon Legends such as Bloodhound.

Voice Actor

Rowenna Valentina Coffey Divina, better known as Conduit is voiced by Frankie Kevich.

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