MW3 Weapons List (2023): All Weapons, Attachments, Camos And Gunsmith Details

The 2023 release of Modern Warfare 3 is starting to catch the attention of everyone as we look forward to a more official reveal.

Weapons are the backbone of any Call of Duty and are even more important in recent years, due to the addition of Warzone and progression carrying over.

The new MW3-based map, Las Almas, will be one of the stomping grounds to try out the new arsenal; so what weapons can we expect in the new game?

Here’s what we know about the weapons in Modern Warfare 3.

Weapons List

Weapons that we know are confirmed for MW3 are below. Click the links to see our recommended classes and loadouts!

  • Assault Rifle
  • Battle Rifles
    • MTZ-762
    • BAS-B
    • Sidewinder
  •  Marksman Rifles
    • MCW 6.8
    • KVO Enfrocer
    • DM56
  • Sniper Rifles
  • LMG
    • Holger 26
    • Pulemyot 762
    • DG-58 LSW
    • Bruen Mk9
    • TAQ Eradicator
  • SMGs
  • Pistols
    • Glima21
    • UzuluM 
    • RSierra12
    • Mike 93 
  • Shotguns

A recent weapon list has been identified for the upcoming game, likely added to the files of the current game.

In total, there are 39 weapons – this could include guns, melee weapons, launches or other weaponry.

It was confirmed that 37 new weapons are expected in the game, so it’s possible the last two are future weapons, campaign weapons only or scrapped weapons.

  • jup_ar_acharlie
  • jup_ar_acharlie300
  • jup_ar_golf36
  • jup_ar_bromeo2m
  • jup_ar_bromeo805
  • jup_ar_foxtrot2000
  • jup_ar_qbravo95
  • jup_ar_qbravo97
  • jup_br_acharlie450
  • jup_br_bromeo2
  • jup_br_xmike5
  • jup_dm_acharlied
  • jup_dm_bromeop
  • jup_dm_slima8
  • jup_dm_svictork
  • jup_lm_evictor
  • jup_lm_mgolf36
  • jup_lm_pkilob
  • jup_lm_pkilop
  • jup_lm_qbravo95lsw
  • jup_pi_glima21
  • jup_pi_mike93
  • jup_pi_rsierra12
  • jup_pi_uzulum
  • jup_sh_pump
  • jup_sh_semi
  • jup_sm_coscar635
  • jup_sm_lwhiskey
  • jup_sm_scharlie3
  • jup_sm_umike
  • jup_sm_uzulu
  • jup_sm_uzulup
  • jup_sn_hsierra
  • jup_sn_svictor
  • jup_eq_butterfly_mine
  • jup_eq_capture_bot
  • jup_eq_tracker_grenade
  • jup_ks_lrad
  • jup_ks_switchblade_drone

MW3 Gunsmith

Here’s what’s new about the Gunsmith:

For certain weapons that reach max level, players will be able to transform their design using Aftermarket Parts. At the launch of MW3, several sets of Aftermarket Parts will be available in the form of Conversion Kits. To access the kits, you’ll need to complete in-game challenges that become available once the supported weapon reaches the max level.

When equipping Conversion Kits, you’ll want to keep an eye on your weapon’s attachment selection, as new Aftermarket Parts might become available as attachments that weren’t accessible using the base weapon, and some previously available attachments may become restricted.

  • Additional shared attachments
    • For new Modern Warfare III weapons, attachments such as Grips, Barrels, Magazines, and Stocks will no longer require players to use a specific weapon after they’ve already been unlocked for another one
  • Removal of penalties attached to small Optics
    • New 1x zoom Optic attachments will no longer penalize your Operator’s Aim Down Sights speed

MW3 Weapon Camos

How Do Camos work In MW3?

  • Modern Warfare 3 (MP and MWZ) Mastery Camos can only be used on MW3 weapons
  • Modern Warfare 2 (MP and MWZ) Mastery Camos can only be used on MW2 Weapons
  • Modern Warfare 2 Base Camos can be used on MW2 and MW3 weapons
  • Modern Warfare 3 Base Camos can used on MW3 and MW2 weapons.

MW3 Base Camo Sets

  • Poison Frogs
  • Graphical
  • Topographic
  • Glittery Flats
  • Retro
  • Neapolitan
  • Under the Microscope
  • High Contrast
  • Wavelength
  • Two Tone Brushstrokes
  • Perfect Symmetry
  • Psychedelics
  • Blur
  • Bold
  • Butterfly
  • Puzzle
  • Skeletal
  • Glitch Milspec

MW2 Zombies Base Camos

  • Rancid Venom
  • Dark Mist
  • Nightmare
  • Fertilizer

Multiplayer Mastery Camos

  • Gold
  • Forged
  • Priceless
  • Interstellar

Zombies Mastery Camos

MW3 Weapons

  • Golden Enigma
  • Zircon Scale
  • Serpentinite
  • Borealis

MW2 Weapons

  • Golden Ivory
  • Spinel Husk
  • Arachnida
  • Bioluminescent


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