Slide Cancelling MW3: Is Slide Cancelling Coming Back In Modern Warfare 3?

slide cancelling mw3

The 2023 release of Modern Warfare 3 is all anyone can talk about after the latest reveal, but movement kings want to know if Slide Cancelling is back in Modern Warfare 3.

Slide Cancelling was a movement mechanic introduced in Modern Warfare that allowed players to gain an extended speed boost after performing the action.

The mechanic became a fan favourite as it sped up what was traditionally a slow gameplay experience and became a vital part of the game

But will MW3 have slide cancelling?

What Is Slide Cancelling?

For those unaware, Slide Cancelling was a movement mechanic that would reset a player’s Tactical Sprint.

When done, you got an unlimited Tactical Sprint which made you move much faster than running and waiting for your Tactical Sprint to reset manually.

To do it, you would need to Tactical Sprint, press the crouch slide button, then as you’re sliding press it again and quickly followed by the jump button.

The mechanic was removed in Modern Warfare II.

Is Slide Cancelling Coming Back In MW3?

Slide Cancelling is returning in MW3, you can cancel slide animations.

Slide Cancelling is not returning in the traditional sense for MW3 as it will not reset your Tactical Sprint.

However, Tactical Sprint will recharge while regularly sprinting.

If you’re confused about what the difference is, Tactical Sprint is the fastest your character will run and typically sticks their weapon in the air while visibly sprinting with their free arm.

A regular sprint will see the player running faster than walking with the gun held in both hands.

It’s a nice change that will make the game feel faster and the player less sluggish.

Is It A Glitch?

It’s been emphasised that the mechanic never intended to operate as it did and that it was an unintended glitch.

That’s why the mechanic was removed from the game in Modern Warfare II.

Be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly to see if this changes and glitches may occur that allow players to work around this.

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