MW3 & Warzone Playlist Update Today (5th December) All New Game Modes And Playlists This Week

mw3 patch notes today

MW3 is in the early stages of its release meaning plenty of fixes are being created to improve the quality of life in-game; so you can expect frequent updates. So we’ve gathered the latest MW3 And Warzone Playlist Update today.

Season 1 is around the corner, which will feature plenty of new content. These smaller updates tend to focus on game mode changes and rotation.

Here’s the latest playlist update and new modes for Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone.

MW3 Playlist Update Today (5th December)

  • MW3
    • [NEW] Gunfight
    • [NEW] All or Nothing
  • Warzone
    • [NEW] Urzikstan
      • [NEW] Battle Royale
        • [NEW] Solos
        • [NEW] Duos
        • [NEW] Trios
        • [NEW] Squads
      • [NEW] Plunder
      • [NEW] Resurgence
        • [NEW] Core
        • [NEW] Rotation

Full Season 1 Patch Notes can be found here.

MW3 Playlist Update Today (29th November)

Wednesday 29th of November 2023 will see a playlist refresh.

Here are the new game modes being added in today’s playlist update.


  • Rustment 24/7
  • Highrise 24/7


  • Rust 24/7
  • Terminal 24/7

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These are expected to be the new modes added to MW3 due to the in-game timers stating that a game mode refresh is intended for this day.

These updates occur on a weekly basis and allow for new and refreshing game modes to circulate into the game as well as prioritising fan favourite maps.

Last week, MW3 added Gun Game, 10v10 Mosh Pit and Rust 24/7. We expect Terminal 24/7 to be removed to make way for a new map-specific playlist and Rustment 24/7 will replace Rust 24/7 as it makes no sense to have it alongside each other.

Rustment 24/7 will feature all modes on both Rust and Shipment – meaning Shipment will return to the game.

Highrise 24/7 will also feature all modes on the map Highrise.

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These non-core playlists tend to be cycled out after a week or so but usually resurface later in the game’s lifecycle. Some even make regular or permanent appearances depending on their popularity.

So if you really enjoy these modes, keep playing them so the devs know to include this playlist more often.

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