Modern Warfare III (COD 2023) Reveal Event: Date, Time, How To Watch And Everything You Need To Know About The Warzone Event

MW3 is expected to be the next Call of Duty game, thanks to a number of leaks giving it all away.

As seems to be tradition, the next reveal will come as a Warzone event.

Warzone will get a new map with MW3’s release, much the same as we saw with past games, most likely being focused on ‘Las Almas‘.

Here’s what we know about the COD 2023 reveal.

Release Date

The event date has yet to be confirmed, but it’s coming in Season 5 as detailed on a recent Call of Duty blog to highlight the new season.

A recent datamine would indicate the reveal will happen on the 17th of August 2023.

The new season kicks off on the 2nd of August, with beta testing coming in September, August tends to be when the new game gets revealed.

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What To Expect

As detailed in a recent blog, here’s what’s described:

“Drop into Call of Duty: Warzone to experience the worldwide reveal for Call of Duty 2023 in a limited-time event.

Join the ranks of Shadow Company to take on Konni forces and secure the chemical weapon threat before it’s too late.

Stay tuned to Call of Duty channels for more details about the upcoming reveal.”

How To Watch

You can experience it first-hand by dropping into Warzone yourself or you can watch streamers on your favourite streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube or Kick.


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