MW3 Warzone Map ‘Las Almas’ LEAKS: Release Date, Map Design, Locations & POIs, Zombies And Everything You Need To Know

MW3 is set to be this year’s big Call of Duty launch and as is customary with new games, there will be an integration with Warzone.

Warzone will get a new map with MW3’s release, much the same as we saw with past games, most likely being focused on ‘Las Almas‘.

The MW3 Warzone map is set to be one of the biggest and most intricate if leaks are to go by.

So what integration will we see and what will the MW3 Warzone map look like?

Release Date

The new map will likely launch after MW3’s launch, to give players the chance to try the new game and rank up weapons ready for Warzone.

Last year’s map launched just over 2 weeks after the game’s launch, to coincide with Season 1.

This is expected to be on the 5th of December 2023.

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Will Warzone Have A MW3 Map?

Warzone’s MW2 map, Al Mazrah, has been the focal map for this life cycle. Vanguard had Caldera, Cold War had Verdansk 1984 and Modern Warfare had the original Verdansk.

The next map is expected to be called ‘Las Almas’.

Las Almas is a mountainous region in the north of Mexico, bordering the United States with Texas. The region consists mostly of forests with at least one river.

Las Almas is directly referenced in Modern Warfare II, more than once, as one of the multiplayer maps is called ‘Mercado Las Almas’.

It’s also featured in Season 5 of Modern Warfare II, with a new multiplayer map called ‘Punta Mar’ being situated in Las Almas.

MW3 Warzone Map Design

The new map incorporates lots of MW3 and COD4 maps from the past to make up the bulk of the design, according to @Metaaphor.

This makes sense, given the new game is likely to feature many maps from Call of Duty’s past. The map seems to have taken lots of inspiration from Verdansk.

They also noted that there’s no giant hill in the middle of the map, but features tons of buildings and POIs unlike; many areas are “memorable”.

It will feature fewer open fields and more building-based battles, looks like tons of opportunities for regaining.

Overall, the map has been described to look like MWII graphically but improved.


It’s been confirmed the new Warzone map will feature the new Modern Warfare Zombies mode.

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Points Of Interest And Locations

According to @Metaaphor, the following areas are featured in this map:

  • Overwatch (MW3)
  • Countdown (COD4)

This is to go alongside areas which are already mentioned alongside Las Almas in Modern Warfare II, including:

  • Mercado Las Almas
  • Punta Mar
  • El Asilo
  • Santa Sena Border Crossing
  • Shoot House

Gameplay Mechanics

The engine will likely be the same, if not, a slightly modified version of the MW2 engine currently in place.

It also sounds like Slide Cancelling is in the current build, but whether it will be removed, remains to be seen.

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