Modern Warfare 3 Best Guns And Weapons Tier List For MW3 2023 Multiplayer

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The 2023 release of Modern Warfare 3 is upon us and and it brings with it a number of new weapons to the game, as is the case with a new Call of Duty game. So players are curious which are the best Modern Warfare 3 Guns and weapons to use in multiplayer.

Interestingly, this iteration of Call of Duty has integrated all of the previous game’s weapons (Modern Warfare 2) so you have over 100 weapons to choose from.

So with such an expansive list, which weapons are the best to use in the MW3 Multiplayer?

Modern Warfare 3 Best Guns To Use In Multiplayer

The best guns to use in Modern Warfare 3 tend to be the Assault Rifles and the SMGs as these provide the most variety and tend to be the more versatile of the bunch.

The MCW is by far the best assault rifle, but the SVA 545 is a very close second. Considering it is unlocked with the Create-a-Class so early on it’s the best weapon to use at the start.

As for the SMGs the Striker is far above the rest and is unlocked early. It carries over its strong presence from last month’s Open Beta.

The Holger is also a ridiculously strong weapon and as you rank it up, more attachments make it more versatile and deadly.

The KATT-ARM is one of the best Snipers around, it’s very accurate and very deadly and is also unlocked from the get-go.

Ultimately, as all of your MW2 weapons have carried over, you can easily just use these and they’ll be as good as the MW3 weapons.

MW3 Tier List

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