Modern Warfare 3 (2023) Perks: All Multiplayer Perks, How They Work And Everything You Need To Know

The 2023 release of Modern Warfare 3 is all anyone is talking about in the Call of Duty world as gameplay leaks start to emerge in the wild.

As Sledgehammer Games set to take on the task of making the next Call of Duty, there’s a lot they need to get right, which starts with the perk system.

But what perks are in Modern Warfare 3 (2023) and how do they work?

Modern Warfare 3 (2023) Multiplayer Perks

According to Twitter user @BobNetworkUK, the Ninja perk will be returning, but perks will return in the form of ‘gear’.

Different sets of gear will have different perks e.g. one set of boots may give you the Ninja perk (silent footsteps) and another gives you the Marathon perk (unlimited sprint).

Many players have been frustrated by the removal of this perk for a number of reasons. It makes it difficult for players to sneak up on the enemies, but also because of the wonky sound system not always being accurate.

Its inclusion suggests that Sledgehammer Games have focused on this element much more in this title.

Here are all reported boot perks (via @el_bobberto):

  • Canvas Sneakers – Eliminates footstep sounds. (NINJA)
  • Stalker Boots – Increased strafe & ADS movement speed.
  • Tactical Pads – Increases slide distance & allows for full ADS while sliding. Increases stance transition speeds & crouched movement speed.
  • Ultra Light Boots – Increases movement & swim speed. Reduces noise while swimming
  • Running Sneakers – Increases Tac Sprint duration & reduces refresh time
  • Climbing Boots – Increased climbing & mantling speed. Reduces fall damage.

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