Minecraft Trails And Tales Update: Release Date, Features, Trailer And Everything You Need To Know

Minecraft is getting a brand new update called ‘Trails & Tales’.

The latest update from Mojang Studios’ sandbox game aims to “bring your stories to life.”

With this new update, it really sounds like players can bring their fantasies to life and more!

Here’s everything you need to know about Minecraft’s Trails & Tales update.

Release Date

The new update will launch on the 7th of June 2023.



What’s Included In The Trails & Tales Update?

Players can expect a new biome, more mobs and blocks, as well as a veritable library of ways to shape their Minecraft story.

Those who fancy their hand at crafting can use two new full wood sets – bamboo and cherry.

Bamboo wood sets include a raft, that can be crafted with or without a chest.

The cherry grove is a rare biome full of cherry blossoms.

Photo via Minecraft.net

Players will also be able to ride camels! What’s great about this mob is it can be ridden by two people and is tall enough to keep you out of reach from melee mobs.

That’s not the only new mob, players voted for the Sniffer to join the game back at Minecraft Live 2022. This mob is a gentle giant that was once extinct but can be brought back to the Overworld by finding its eggs and hatching them. It’s also incredibly helpful for sniffing out ancient plants such as the torch flower plant and pitcher plant.

But where can you find them? Through the new feature – archaeology! Dig around in the sand to find buried ruins and use the new brush tool to uncover the treasures in suspicious sand and suspicious gravel blocks.

Photo via Minecraft.net

You’ll also be able to customise your armour. Wearable storytelling is coming not just in the form of shield banner parity, but through armour trims!

You need to hunt down one of the numerous armour trims that can be found across the different dimensions of Minecraft. Then you can dye it (in one of ten colours) and add it to your armour on a smithing table.

Other additions include the ability to hang signs and play mob sounds by placing mob heads on note blocks.

Finally, you can write down your adventures in a book to store in your library.

Photo via Minecraft.net


If you already own the game, your game will start downloading the update once its available.

If you haven’t got the game, download it here.

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