Is The Master Ball Coming To Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO Master Ball Teaser

Players of the popular augmented reality mobile game, Pokemon GO, have been catching Pokemon with the same selection of Poke Balls for quite some time now.

So the thought of a new Poke Ball coming to the game is certainly a welcome change and one that could be a real game changer for those that participate in Raids.

Niantic has teased a new Poke Ball that has fans hyped for what’s to come – but what could it be? Is the Master Ball coming to Pokemon GO?

Master Ball In Pokemon GO

For some time now, we’ve grown accustomed to the standard Poke Ball, Great Ball and Ultra Ball.

The Premium Ball is available after a raid or Battle, to catch the defeated Pokemon. Whereas the Beast Ball, was available during a special event.

Now, Pokemon GO has teased a sixth Poke Ball that will arrive in the game.

Many are speculating that it is the Master Ball – which makes sense. The Master Ball is the last ball of the original set, that is missing. It also would make it easier for those who encounter rare Pokemon in the wild, such as the Galarian Birds, which are extremely hard to catch.

It’s also worth noting that Niantic have had files for the Master Ball icon in the game since its launch back in 2016.

Even as recently as update 0.269.0, new assets of the Master Ball were added.

When Will The Master Ball Arrive In Pokemon GO?

With the teaser being accompanied by the hashtag ‘Rising Heroes’, which is the current season, it should be very soon.

Rising Heroes ends on the 1st of June, and with just over two weeks remaining, we can expect it to arrive very soon.

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