Marathon Game: Release Date, Trailer, Platforms And Everything You Need To Know

Bungie has finally revealed their next big video game, a game called ‘Marathon‘, which is actually one we’ve seen before.

The creators of Destiny and Halo are going back to their roots with a remake of their original video game, but with some changes to bring it into the modern era.

Here’s all we know about Bungie’s Marathon.

Release Date

Currently, there is no release date for Bungie’s Marathon.

We’re not expecting the game to release this year, but at some point in 2024.



What Is Marathon?

Marathon is a Sci-Fi PvP extraction shooter. Players will engage with one another as cybernetic mercenaries know as ‘Runners’, exploring a lost colony on the planet of Tau Ceti IV.

Christopher Barrett, Game Director, has claimed that the game will pay homage to the original games, keeping a lot of the mythology, story and themes of the original games, but this is something new.

Originally, the game was produced in 1994 for the Mac OS and was a trilogy.

Players would navigate futuristic environments mostly populated by hostile alien life forms or (in multiplayer) other players.

You take on the role of a security officer, equipped with energy shields, you make use of various firearms in an attempt to kill your opponents while trying to avoid getting hit by attacks.


Bungie claim that the game will “feel” like a Bungie game.

Christopher Barrett, has said:

“It runs the gamut from the incredible feel of the weapons to beautiful and evocative world building, rich in lore, immersion, and opportunities for incredible adventure.”

The game is designed as a PvP game, presumably all online, with no singleplayer campaign.

Instead, they’re creating opportunities for player-driven stories to unfold.  These stories are integrated with the overarching game narrative.

They’re building a world “full of persistent, evolving zones, where players create their own journey with every run they take.”


The game will be developed and available on PlayStation 5 and PC, with full cross-play and cross-save.

There is no details about this being available on PlayStation 4 and as Bungie are owned by Sony, they will not produce it for Xbox systems.

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