Unown V And Lugia V Crown Zenith Special Collection Box: Release Date, Price, Pre-Order, Where To Buy And What’s Inside

Crown Zenith was a brilliant set to see off the Sword and Shield era of the Pokemon TCG.

Just as we thought the set wasn’t going to continue to bring new products, a last-minute addition seems to have made an appearance.

An Unown V and Lugia V Special Collection Box has appeared to give Crown Zenith collectors a reason to cheer.

So what is this product all about and what’s inside it?

Release Date

The Unown V and Lugia V Special Collection Box will release on the 18th of August 2023.

This is subject to change, however, so please be aware this date is not set in stone.

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This product is expected to retail at $49.99 CAD (Candian Dollars) and $39.99 in the US.

This is £29.99 in the UK and €35.99 in Europe if it releases in those locations.

Where To Buy

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What’s Inside?

Included in the box, collectors will get two promo cards.

These cards feature Lugia V and Unown V, originally from the Paradigm Trigger Mystery Box in Japan, with very similar art styles to their Silver Tempest equivalents. The box will also include an oversized Lugia V card.

Unown V, the Psychic type, has 180HP and two attacking moves.

The first, ‘Shady Stamp’, requires one Psychic energy, deals 30 damage and confuses your opponent’s active Pokemon.

Its second attack, ‘Victory Symbol’, requires any three energy cards, but if it’s used when you have only one prize card remaining, you win that game.

Lugia V, the normal type, with one ability move and one attack move.

The ability ‘Read the Wind’, requires any energy card, but allows you to discard a card from your hand. If you do, draw 3 cards.

The attacking move ‘Aero Dive’ does 130 damage and you may discard a Stadium in play.

In terms of booster packs, the box will include 5 Crown Zenith booster packs.

You’ll also get one Lugia pin and one Lugia coin. The box seems like great value considering its content if the price comes out as we expect.

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