LoL Winter Blessed Skins 2023 LEAKS: Release Date, Champions, Price, How To Get Them And Everything You Need To Know

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As League of Legends approaches a new update the game players can expect more skins to arrive and this line of skins come from a previous skin line; the LoL Winter Blessed skins 2023.

It’s an exciting time as plenty of new skins still arrive with each new update.

New leaks have revealed the latest Champions to be inducted into the Winterblessed skin line.

Here’s what you need to know about the new Winter Blessed skins.

LoL Winter Blessed Skins 2023 Release Date

This line of skins will likely arrive in update 13.24, which is due to arrive on the 6th of December 2023. This falls in-line with last year’s Winterblessed skins that released.

This is the last patch of the year and with the next patch set to feature the Bee skin line, they will almost definitely appear in the final update.

Winter Blessed 2023 Skins And Champions

This year will see a few new champions added to the skin line – the following Champions will receive Winter Blessed skins:

  • Winterblessed Sylas
  • Winterblessed Thresh
  • Winterblessed Hwei
  • Winterblessed Camille
  • Prestige Winterblessed Camille

They will join Diana, Warwick (including Prestige edition), Swain, Shaco, Zilean and Zoe.

Winterblessed Sylas

Winterblessed Thresh

How To Get The Winter Blessed 2023 Skins

To obtain these skins, you’ll need to buy them from the in-game store once they go live.

These are not obtainable through gameplay or unlocks but you may get skin shards later on to get these skins or potentially have them appear in your personal shop.

Usually, they cost 1350 Riot Points each to obtain. These can not be bought with Blue Essence, these only work with buying Champions.

The Camille Prestige skin will be available by exchanging Event Tokens for it.

It’s unknown if previous Champions’ Winter Blessed skins will be added to the store when these go live.


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