LoL Update 13.16 Patch Notes: Release Date, Champion Buffs And Nerfs, Item Changes, New Skins, Bug Fixes And Everything You Need To Know

League’s second-ranked split is well underway and it’s causing a few quick changes to some key champions.

Update 13.15 saw changes arrive to 17 champions, as well as the arrival of some more Soul Fighter skins.

This patch aims to buff struggling champions and tap down some of the stronger ones, whilst adding more 

Here’s what you need to know about update 13.16 in League of Legends.

Release Date

The next League of Legends update, update 13.16, will arrive on the 16th of August 2023.

Patch Overview


Champion Changes

All changes come courtesy of the latest PBE.


  • Milio
    • Q
      • Base damage changed from 90-270>80-320
      • Damage AP ratio increased from 90%>120%
    • E
      • Base shield increased from 60-140>60-160
      • AP ratio increased from 25%>30%
  • Lulu
    • Health growth increased from 88>92
    • Q
      • AP ratio increased from 40%>50%
    • E
      • Damage AP ratio increased from 40%>50%
  • Karma
    • Q
      • AP ratio increased from 40% to 50%
    • R
      • Cooldown reduced from 40-34 seconds>40-31
    • RQ
      • Explosion AP ratio increased from 60%>70%
  • Caitlyn
    • P
      • Number of headshot stacks reduced from 6>5
  • Wukong
    • Mana regen growth increased from 0.65>0.8
    • Q
      • Mana cost reduced from 40>20
    • W
      • Mana cost reduced from 80-40>60>40
  • Brand
    • P
      • Mana restore increased from 20-40>30-50
    • Q
      • AP ratio increased from 55%>65%
    • E
      • AP ratio increased from 45%>50%
  • Akali
    • Q
      • Base damage increased from 40-140>40-145
      • Energy cost reduced from 130-70>110-70
  • Ekko
    • Q
      • Outgoing base damage increased from 60-120>70-130
      • Slow increased from 32%-60%>40%-60%
    • W
      • Base shield increased from 70-150>100-180
  • Sylas
    • Base mana increased from 310>400
  • Lucian
    • Passive
      • Bonus Magic Damage On-Hit: 10 (+15% AD) ⇒ 15 (+15% AD)


  • Rek’Sai
    • Unborrowed Q base damage reduced removed
    • Unborrowed Q AD ratio changed from 50% bAD to 34%-50 tAD
  • Shaco
    • Base mana regen reduced from 7.15>6
    • W
      • Mana cost increased from 50-70>70 flat
  • Naafiri
    • Base attack damage reduced from 57>55
    • Base armor reduced from 32>30
    • Base attack speed reduced from 0.688>0.663
  • Shyvana
    • W
      • Base damage per tick reduced from 10-35>10-30
      • Bonus AD ratio per tick reduced from 15%>10%
      • On-hit damage reduced from 5-17.5+7.5% bAD>5-13% bAD
  • Tristana
    • Base health reduced from 670>640
    • Base armor increased from 26>30
    • Armor growth increased from 4.2>4.5
    • Base MR reduced from 30>28


  • Malzahar
    • E
      • Damage Tick Rate: 0.5 seconds ⇒ 0.25 seconds
      • Minion Execute Threshold: 15-45 health (based on level) ⇒ 10-30 (based on level)

Item And System Changes


  • Axiom Arc
    • Base ult cooldown refund increased from 5%>10%
  • Serpent’s Fang
    • Lethality increased from 12>15
  • Prowler’s Claw
    • Cooldown reduced from 10 seconds>5
    • Bonus AD ratio increased from 45%/30%>55%/35%
  • Umbral Glaive
    • Lethality increased from 10>13


  • Duskblade of Draktharr
    • Cooldown increased from 10 seconds>30
    • Damage reduced from 0%-20%>0%18%


  • TBC

Bug Fixes & QoL Changes


  • The name of the player that started a surrender vote is no longer revealed.
  • After starting a surrender vote, the player that started the surrender vote will not be able to begin another vote for 6 minutes. Note, the team cooldown on calling for a surrender vote remains unchanged at 3 minutes and takes priority over individual cooldowns.
  • The surrender vote will automatically resolve when a vote can no longer pass and will no longer remain open waiting for players to vote.
  • The surrender box text has been updated to reflect the type of surrender vote being called: Surrender, AFK Surrender, or Remake.

QoL Changes

  • Mass Disenchanting for shards is now available. Head to your Loot tab to try it out!
  • In the item recommender, when hovering over a champion that the item is good against, the recommender will now tell you why it is good against them.


  • Fixed a bug that was stopping the screen from flashing purple as a warning that Rift Herald was about to expire.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing AoE damage dealt by Dragons to deal increased damage if there were multiple champions standing behind the aggroed champion.
  • Fixed several bugs that were causing Nidalee’s VO’s to not play properly.
  • Fixed several bugs that were causing Varus’s VO’s to not play properly.
  • Fixed several bugs that were causing Jax’s VO’s to not play properly.
  • Fixed a bug that was Causing Kindred’s E – Mounting Dread VFX to not properly render above impassable terrain.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing champions to slide while Grounded.
  • Fixed a bug that was cursing Taliyah’s Q – Threaded Volly AoE VFX to not appear.
  • Fixed a bug where Viego would only copy the base skin and not the chroma of a champion he had possessed.
  • Fixed a bug where Night Harvester’s item effect was not granted upon a champion using a spell shield to block the ability.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Dr. Mundo’s Q – Infected Bonesaw hitbox to be misleading.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Syndra’s orb VFX to not properly appear depending on graphic settings.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Leona’s sword and shield to appear pixelated.
  • Fixed a bug that was resulting in Mikael’s Blessing being listed as a Magic Resist item in the shop.
  • Fixed a bug where revives like Guardian Angel and Zilean’s ultimate would cause Infernal Dragon Soul’s effect to become unavailable.
  • Fixed a bug where Ryze R was not properly teleporting all non-champion units.
  • Fixed a bug where all players with jungle items would receive treats for contributing to take down an Epic monster when only the team that slayed the Epic monster should receive a treat.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Naafiri’s packmates to not receive movement speed buffs when they were trying to catch up to her.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Naafiri’s backflip animation to play on her W – Hound’s Pursuit when cast at point blank range.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Naafiri’s packmates to only attack once when fixated onto enemies after being Feared or Charmed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Naafiri’s Q – Darkin Daggers’ bleed VFX to now show if the second dagger hit a different opponent.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Naafiri’s packmates to not follow her after using certain movement methods like Hexgates, Bard’s Magical Journey, or being displaced.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Naafiri’s Q to fire backwards after her W was completed if she buffered her Q during a W cast.

Skin Bugfixes

  • Fixed a bug where Cosmic Varus’s Piercing Arrow (Q) sound still plays regardless if Q was fired or not.
  • Fixed a bug where Star Guardian Sona’s feet would bend backwards during death animation.
  • Fixed a bug that was making Infernal Kennen’s VFX hard to distinguish against the character model.

New Skins

Immortal Journey

  • Immortal Journey Soraka
  • Immortal Journey Zed
  • Immortal Journey Zeri
  • Immortal Journey Kayle
  • Immortal Journey Shyvana
  • Immortal Journey Sona
  • Prestige Immortal Journey Sona

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