Wild Rift Update 4.3 ‘Fighting Spirit’ Patch Notes: Release Date, New Champions, Wild Pass, New Skins, Ranked Season 10 Rewards And Everything You Need To Know

Wild Rift is getting a new update and season called ‘Fighting Spirit’.

Update 4.3 will see the introduction of TWO new Wild Passes and a host of new skins for players to sport on their favourite champions.

More importantly, three new Champions are finally joining the Rift including Veteran Champion Vladimir, Rift favourite Hecarim and newcomer Nilah.

Here are the patch notes for Update 4.3 in League of Legends Wild Rift.

Release Date

This new update will arrive on the 18th of July 2023.

New Champions

  • Nilah
  • Vladimir
  • Hecarim

Champion Changes

  •  Janna
    • Making her abilities more consistent
  • Annie
    • Improving interactions with Tibbers

Item Changes

  • Several support items will be reworked
  • New boot enchants are being added
  • Changes to existing boot enchants

System Changes

  • 11 New Runes added
  • Changes to existing Runes
  • Keystones will no longer be bound to specific rune paths
  • Scryer’s Blooms will now reveal a fixed location, plus a bonus area at the end of their range
  • When turrets go down, it will spawn a Poro in the nearby jungle
  • Teams will earn bonus gold for taking down enemy structures
  • New Mode being added (like a combination of ARAM and Ultimate Spell Book)

Wild Pass

  • Adding two Wild Passes

Dream Raider Thresh skin

Food Spirit Yuumi skin

Soul Fighter Mode

  • 1v1 Arena mode
  • Releasing in the second half of July
  • Comes with a story mode, game mode and mini-game unique to Wild Rift
  • Tons of rewards


  • Season 10 of Ranked feautres Glorious Basilisk Jarvan IV
  • New rank above Challenger
  • Changing how many stars needed to rank up
  • Legendary Queue rewards and milestones will be changed


  • Soul Fighter Xin Zhao
  • Soul Fighter Nilah
  • Soul Fighter Irelia
  • Soul Fighter Draven
  • Soul Fighter Yasuo
  • Star Guardian Ahri (Mythic Chroma)
  • Star Guardian Sona
  • Star Guardian Kai’Sa
  • Star Guardian Zoe
  • Star Guardian Soraka
  • Mecha Sion
  • Mecha Urgot
  • Mecha Aatrox
  • Mecha Galio
  • Pulsefire Fiora
  • Pulsefire Caitlyn
  • Stargazer Vex
  • Stargazer Twisted Fate (Mythic Chroma)

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