Illari Hero Guide: Abilities, Kit Tips And Tricks, Gameplay, Counters, Best Teammates And Everything You Need To Know

With the launch of Season 6 in Overwatch 2 we’re getting a brand new Hero called ‘Illari’. As a new Support Hero, it’s important to consult an Illari Hero Guide.

This next season is a big one, with a new support hero arriving and the new Flashpoint mode with two maps called ‘Survasa’ and ‘New Junk City’.

The recent mid-season update adjusted a few heroes, of which we can expect more of the same in the new season.

So what’s new in Season 6 of Overwatch 2?

Illari Abilities

Her abilities are as follows:

Weapon Solar Rifle


  • Long range auto-charging rifle


  • Medium range healing beam that consumes solar energy


  • Launches you in the direction you are moving, knocking back enemies. Hold jump to go higher.

Healing Pylon

  • Deploy a pylon that heals allies

Ultimate – Captive Sun

  • Fire an explosive ball of solar energy. Enemies hit are slowed and explode after taking significant damage.

Read More: Illari Hero Guide: Abilities, Kit Tips And Tricks, Gameplay, Counters, Best Teammates And Everything You Need To Know

Illari Abilities

Illari Hero Guide Tips And Tricks

Illari is a Support Hero and based on the gameplay footage, an aggressive support character.

She excels in game modes like Control due to the fact she can disrupt major points of contention.

Using her Outburst ability, you can disrupt and knock enemies away from the objective to allow your teammates to pick off enemies at their weakest.

You’ll want to lead with this ability, while also deploying your Healing Drone to heal up enemies that are weak or give your tanks more survivability in a retake situation.

You can help support tankier players from a distance by healing them using the secondary fire on your Solar Rifle.

If your Ultimate is available it’s worth leading with this to slow enemies and deal significant damage.

Overall, you’ll want to stick with your tanks when trying to take over an objective so you can provide Crowd Control and heals.

In a more defensive situation, stick by your DPs to give them more chance of surviving and knockback any rushing heroes.

Illari Hero Counters

Illari is strong against Heroes such as Genji, Reaper, Tracer and Brigitte who generally have a short range and lack abilities to gap close quickly due to Illari’s ability to knockback and free flight. If you can keep your distance against grounded enemies and those who tend to operate in an immediate radius you’ll come out on top.

Illari will struggle against Heroes such as Soldier 76, Bastion, Echo, D.VA, Ana, Ashe, Hanzo, Widowmaker and others that have long-ranged attacks. If you can keep your distance from her, he abilities will be far less effective.

Best Teammates

Illari is going to work best with teammates such as D.VA, Bastion, Soldier 76, Symmetra, Winston and Reinhardt.

Any Heroes that need to get close or are your general entry points can combine with her well.

Equally, any ranged damage dealers that need some more survivability will benefit from her heals and knockbacks.

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