How To Turn On Noir Effects In Spider-Man 2 (Play In Black And White)

how to turn on noir effects in spider-man 2

Spider-Man 2 allows players to swing around New York as Spider-Man Noir. Not only that but if you change your settings, you can play with full Noir effects in Spider-Man 2.

It really adds an extra layer of immersion when playing with the Spider-Man Noir suit.

Here’s how to play like you’re in the Spider-Man Noir universe.

How To Play With Noir Effects On

First, you’ll need the Spider-Man Noir suit, which is unlocked at level 22 and require 50 Tech Parts and 4 City Tokens to craft.

Press the Touch pad on your PS5 controller, go to the suits tab and make sure you have Peter Parker’s suits open as this suit is only available for him

Hover over it, hold X to craft it and you’ll now be able to equip it.

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As for the Noir effects in the game, you’ll need to press the Options button on your PS5 Controller to access the menu screen.

Go to the settings option and then to ‘Visual’.

You need to turn the following options on:

  • Film Style Animation
  • Comic SFX
  • High Contrast Background

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Then, you need to turn all your shaders to white.

Finally, turn your contrast to 100.

If you really want to make it more authentic, turn the fidelity setting on so your game is capped at 30 FPS so the frame rate of the game and Spider-Man are similar.

Now, you can swing around with full Noir effects in Spider-Man 2!

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