How To See And Fix Daily & Weekly Challenges In MW3 (Daily Challenges Not Working)

daily and weekly challenges in MW3

The 2023 release of Modern Warfare 3 is upon us and it brings with it a number of new weapons to the game, many of which will unlock via daily and weekly challenges in MW3.

Some challenges are bugged at this time in the game and can create an issue for players looking to unlock things.

Here’s how to see and fix your daily and weekly challenges in MW3.

How To See And Fix Daily & Weekly Challenges In MW3

To see your Daily and Weekly Challenges, you simply need to open the Challenges tab from the lobby menu.

From here you can check your progress and unlock and even unlock special camos.

There’s not a huge amount of fixes players can do at this time as it is an internal issue.

We’d always recommend restarting your game to see if it fixes the issue and ensure you complete games fully to ensure any chances of progress accumulating counts.

In Cold War, progress to weapon unlocks didn’t register if you left games early and a match had to be completed to its entirety.

Equally, the progress may be a superficial thing and may not be showing you’ve made progress but it is still registering your progress – so continue to play and work on these challenges where possible.

There’s no doubt the developers will fix this bug in due course.

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