How To Repair A Tire In MW3 Zombies (How To Complete The Road Rage Challenge)

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The 2023 release of Modern Warfare 3 includes a new Zombies mode, modelled after the recent DMZ mode in Warzone. Players can drive around in vehicles, which can take damage and tires can pop. So you’ll want to know how to repair a tire in MW3 Zombies so you don’t get swarmed by the undead.

This tricky challenge has left zombie slayers stumped and seeking help to complete this challenge.

Here’s how to fix your tires in MW3 Zombies so you can complete the Act One challenge.

How To Repair A Tire In MW3 Zombies

This is a tricky task to complete and part of the ‘Road Rage’ challenge and one of the early tasks you receive in Act One; it has admittedly stumped players on how to do it.

It’s not strictly obvious how to repair a tire and it’s most likely got players thinking they need to take it to a specialist repair shop!

But it couldn’t be more simple and players will more than likely being kicking themselves once they find out how to do it.

To repair a vehicle, you simply need to take it to a Gas Station in the Zombies game mode. When you’re parked inside a Gas Station, a car will slowly regain its health and fuel.

So the easiest thing to do is to shoot the tires on your vehicle with your weapon, this will make the tire flat.

Next, find a Gas Station location on the map and drive it to a Gas Station to be repaired. It’s easier if you take your vehicle to the gas station before shooting the tires, otherwise, it will become difficult to steer.

Vehicles can be found all around the map, so you won’t have to look far and any vehicles with wheels can be used.

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