How To Get The Sentry Gun In MW3 Zombies

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The 2023 release of Modern Warfare 3 has arrived and like all Call of Duty games, it comes with some innovative and new features. This year’s Zombie is the most expansive yet and comes complete with its own missions. Players will need to obtain a Sentry Gun for one of them, leading players to ask how to get the Sentry Gun in MW3 Zombies.

Challenges may require you to get kills with this new mechanic, which can be a pain if you don’t know how to do it.

Here’s how to get this Field Upgrade in Modern Warfare 3’s Zombies and complete the corresponding mission.

How To Get The Sentry Gun In MW3 Zombies

The Sentry Gun operates the same as it always has done in Call of Duty.

It’s needed to complete the mission Act One: Tier Five, Hands Off.

In the Zombies mode, it is available in Buy Stations.

You specifically need to find a Buy Station within medium threat level (orange zone on the tac-map) for the Sentry Gun to appear.

A Sentry gun will cost you 2,000 points (Essence).

It’s a great option as the Deadbolt Turret isn’t always in a great spot to kill waves of zombies and enemies in Urzikstan.

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